Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mail Day - 2011 Topps Chrome - The Quest for a Rainbow

When last year's Topps Chrome came out I decided to make a concerted effort to collect rainbows of all the Giants in the set with the exception of the 1/1 Superfractors.  I really focused on the 2011 Giants as they were released since this was the year after their World Series win and the colored refractors of Topps Chrome are some of my favorite cards.  I made some decent progress but when the 2012 releases started to come out my quest stalled.

A few weeks back I was able to score the Matt Cain Gold Refractor in a trade with Play at the Plate.  This got me reinspired to see how close to my rainbow goal I could get so I went searching on eBay.  I was able to find a few:
Here are the Sepia Refractors of Brian Wilson, serial numbered 13/99 and Pablo Sandoval, serial numbered 60/99.  I wasn't too keen on these at first but they have grown on me.  I still enjoy this photo on the Wilson card and am glad to see The Beard in the dugout cheering on the Giants while he rehabs from Tommy John surgery.  He and The Panda have a pretty sweet dugout dance they do time to time.  I need 2 Sepia Refractors to finish out this team set - Tim Lincecum and Brandon Belt.

Speaking of Lincecum, I picked up this Blue Refractor, serial numbered 32/99.  I hate to admit it but the blue refractors is one of my favorites.  As a Giants fan I should be genetically predisposed to hate the color blue but Topps does a nice job on these.  These must be pretty popular as I still need 4 of 8 for the Giants team set - Brian Wilson, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain and Brandon Belt.

My favorite pickup of this trio is this nice Lincecum Gold Refractor, serial numbered 49/50.  I was happy to get it for a very reasonable price, $9.50 delivered.  I have been lucky to pick up quite a few of these and just need the Buster Posey and Brandon Belt to finish off my team set.

Here is a status of all the cards of the team rainbow I am seeking out by type:

Base - Complete
Refractor - Complete
Xfractor - Complete
Orange - Complete
Purple /499 - Need Brandon Belt
Atomic /225 - Complete
Black /100 - Need Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum
Blue /99 - Need Brian Wilson, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain, Brandon Belt
Sepia /99 - Need Tim Lincecum, Brandon Belt
Gold /50 - Need Buster Posey, Brandon Belt
Red /25 - Need Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Brandon Belt

If you have any help or happen to stubble across any of these at a reasonable price, drop me a note.

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  1. Reinspiration...that's my name. HA! Good luck with your pursuit. It makes the whole collecting thing more fun.