Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Contest Winner

I was really happy with the participation in last Wednesday's contest - in total I had 35 entries. Looks like the position favorites will have to return - look for it to return and move around the diamond.

Before we get to the results, lets see who the favorite firstbasemen are in the blogging community:

 Tied for 3rd with 4 votes each are Mark Grace and Will Clark

In 2nd place, with 5 votes, as somewhat of a surprise to me is Carlos Delgado:

Speaking of surprises, the top vote getter, named by 8 of the 35 respondents is John Olerud!
These Best of Fan Club cards look good but scan very bad!
All 4 cards are for trade if you happen to need a card of your favorite.

Now to the contest. As mentioned we had 35 entires and I placed all 35 into Random.org:
 Random #1:
 Random #2:
 And the winner is:

The Dimwit!  Nice going Sam and for the record, Sam's favorite firstbasemen are:
1. Jeff Bagwell
2. Lance Berkman
3. Will Clark

Check out the prize page and let me know what you want me to send your way.  Another contest will be coming your way this Wednesday.  Thanks for the participation, I really enjoyed reading everyone's lists.


  1. Awesome! Could I claim the Will Clark for my prize? If not I will go with the Joe Morgan 1972 Topps.

  2. Helton was actually in a large group tied for the next spot with 3 votes each.