Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trade Post - Collector's Crack - Football and a Little Baseball Too

A few weeks back I completed a rare trade with a fellow blogger - Mark aka cynicalbudda at Collector's Crack - for football cards!  Football cards you say?  I actually do collect football cards although not as much as I used to.  I collect USC players and typically build a Topps flagship set starting with a Jumbo box.  Mark was able to help with both areas of my collection.

First up, he was able to complete my base set with these cards:
  I like the football design this year and glad they went a different route than the baseball.  Some really good action photos for the non-rookies, always a good feature with Topps Football.  It was pretty cool to finish off a set with a one-box purchase and one trade!

For the USC collection, I scored this:
A very nice auto of OT Matt Kalil, a first round pick for the Vikings this year.  My first auto of his.  I was trying to supercollect his brother Ryan back during his rookie year and have a pretty nice collection.  Good to see his brother drafted so high and even better to be able to pick up this auto in a trade.

And finally Mark threw in some Giants!

 These were some of my favorites.  The MVP cards finished off a team set as did the Cepeda UD card.  I had a parallel of the Alou card, nice to pick up the base.  I have very few MLB Showdown cards so this was a nice pick up.  And a very nice card of one of my top 3 Giants 1B of all time.

Thanks for the great football trade Mark!

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  1. You're more than welcome and congrats I do believe you won my world series contest as well. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.