Friday, October 12, 2012

Trade Post - 3 Readers of the Blog

The number of followers to my blog has slowly been creeping up and now includes several people that are readers of the blog but don't have one of their own.  In the last few weeks I have had the privilege of trading with 3 different readers.  I decided to share the goods from all 3 readers/traders in today's post.

First up I want to showcase some awesome cards that Reader Jim sent me. This is actually the second trade we have made with the first involving some sweet Hostess Giants and some 2012 Ginter.  This time Jim reached out with some Mother's Cookies Team sets.  These are harder to come by that I would think, I might need to take a trip to Northern California and try to track down a shop to fill in the gaps but Jim set me up with 5 different team sets!  Here are some highlights from each set:

 First up in the 1985 set featuring a sweet card of the Stick from high above the stadium. I included some of my favorite players and photos from the set including Chili Davis, Jeff "one flap down" Leonard and current Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow.

 This is the 1987 set which includes mostly posed photos.  Will and Robby have some old school typical baseball poses. Check out the number of bats Chili is warming up with!  Greg Minton is a reliever, what's up with holding 4 bats?  He had a total of 103 ABs in 16 season in the majors and only 2 ABs in 1987.  Still a cool card.  Jeff has now transformed into Jeffrey Leonard and check out the menacing stare.

 Some more classic poses in this 1988 set.  Humm Baby for Roger Craig in this nice dugout shot.  I thought Mike Aldrete was going to be the real deal when he came up.  Dave Dravecky, what an inspiring story, I remember how happy I was when the Giants traded for me.  Bob Melvin is one of a number of former Giants who have gone onto manage a big league team.  Seeing Brett Butler in a bunting pose shouldn't come as a shock - he was one of the best bunters I have ever seen.  Chris Speier's is photographed here in his second stint on the Giants.
 This is the 1990 set celebrating the 1989 NL Champions (could we have a repeat in 2012?  If so I hope for a better World Series outcome and no earthquake).  Look at that smile on Gary Carter?  Was he ever not smiling?  Kevin Mitchell was a beast, despite a few years of huge numbers will probably be most remembered for his barehanded catch.  Getting Bedrock was a huge trade deadline addition, he was huge for the Giants. Big Daddy Reuschel was so big and fat and appeared to exert so little effort but man could he place the ball.  I remember hearing an interview with him where he said his goal was a 1-pitch at bat while getting the batter to hit his pitch.  Not sure why I picked the Rick Leach photo - probably just due to the goofyness of it.
The last set is from 1994 and obviously features Barry Bonds.  The Giants had a pretty strong lineup, Matt Williams was in his prime as well.  Willie McGee was still very solid and we had Darryl in right for part of the season.  Had to include a couple shots of pitchers with batting helmets, looks like the photographer decided batting practice was the time to capture the photos.

Thanks for these great additions Jim!  Hoping we can work out some other future deals.

The next reader trade to highlight is from Steve.  Steve gave me some help on my Ginter set and included a few extras.  Here are some of the highlights:

 The trade brought me a few base cards, I still need 2 SPs to finish my set (341 & 344).  Help me finish my set!
 I also got some awesome inserts including 6 What's In a Name and 2 Historical Turning Points.  Only need 1 Historical card to finish that insert set (#7) and 23 different Name inserts.  Check out my list and see if you can help me out. I have tons of cards to trade.

Finally a few other cards.  The Warren Morris was not a mistake, I am a few cards short of the set and Steve was able to get me one card closer. The Onyx Bonds insert and the Matt Williams slide show are two very nice looking cards, the scans don't do them justice. I also picked up a Panda insert from a few years back.

Thanks for the great trade Steve!

And finally a trade with Patrick. He had a few random cards from my want list he sent my way in a trade.  It wasn't a big trade but it was a great one.  Here are the cards I received.

I scored inserts from my want list from 2012 Opening Day, Archives and Ginter - how cool is that.  Those mascot cards are hard to come across.  I also got a base card towards my Chrome set (still need 11 cards to finish off this one - help me out).  I also scored a nice Bengie Molina parallel.

Huge thanks out to Readers Jim, Steve and Patrick.  Thanks for reading and thanks for seeking me out for trades!

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