Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trade Post - Waiting 'Til Next Year & Brad's Blog

Time to showcase another couple trades that I have made recently.  I am back to the point where most of my scanning is done and all my trade packages have been sent so I am feeling pretty good.  I am going to try and celebrate all the trades I have made over the next week so prepare for some Giants and Set Building awesomeness.

First up is actually two separate trades with Tom from Waiting 'Til Next Year.  I am pretty embarrassed that Tom posted our first trade 3 weeks ago and I am just getting to it.  Tom, it has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for the trade, I love the help with my sets and the extra Giants.

 The first trade started out with some help on my 2012 Opening Day set.  As you can see I scored cards from 4 different insert sets.  I have now finished the Superstar Celebration set but still need some more help.  Appears not a lot of this was cracked throughout the blog world but I am still going to plug away and seek out the final 17 inserts I need to put this to rest.

 I also got some help of the Archive variety.  this time I got help in 3 different insert sets.  Archives is a lot further away from completion but I am enjoying putting this set together.  It is one of my favorites in 2012.  It always seems odd seeing Maris in his Cardinals uni, I know he played there for a while but to me he is a Yankee.  The Palmer reprint was an odd addition since Topps has a retail only insert set of the same design but I remember pulling that card as a kid and was happy to add it.

 Finally I got a Big Head and a mini.  This Big Head has a suction cup on the back and I put the mini next to it for a size comparison.  Pretty cool oddball.
 I also wanted to show a close up of this Obak Bumgarner, it is a really nice looking card. I haven't every picked up an Obak but getting this card is making rethink that decision.

 Our second trade mirror our first as it included some set needs and some extra Giants.

 First up I got some help on the Panini Triple Play set.  I need under 40 cards to complete this set and these are very appreciated.  I am struggling to put together the Buster Posey puzzle for the set and I need another for the Giants binder.   Lots of work to do but I am having fun with this set.

Finally, Tom included some Giants Opening Day cards.  I had the team set already but my son is very interested in cards right now and was super excited to add these to his binder.

Tom, sorry for the delay in the post but thank you so much for the trade.  Hoping we can work out another in the near future.

 Another trade I want to share is from Brad at the aptly named Brad's Blog.  Again we got some set building help and some Giants cards as well - sense a theme?  These are my favorite kinds of trades that hit on my two current biggest card passions.

 Some nice What's in a Name inserts from Ginter.  I was correct in predicting this would be a tough one to finish but I have made some great trades like this one to get me closer to the set completion.  I love the mix of current and former players and it is good to see Richie Ashburn get showcased in this set.

 I also picked up cards from 2 other insert sets.  I am a big history buff so I enjoy the Historical Turning Points cards.  Anyone else think Ryan Braun will be punished by the MVP voters for his alleged PED use last year?  I hope it nets Buster Posey a well deserved MVP.

 And here is the Giant's love.  Two serial numbered Topps Chrome parallels with a Blue Refractor Brian Wilson and a Sepia Refractor Eric Surkamp.  Both coincidentally underwent Tommy John surgery this year.  He is wishing both a speedy recovery and healthy 2013 season.

Thanks Brad for the great trade. I appreciate the help on the Ginter set and love the Giant Chrome parallels. Seeking the Chrome refractors out is one of my favorite sets to go for each year.

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