Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Contest

It is Wednesday again and time for another give away.  I think last Wednesday's contest was a huge success with 25 entries, hopefully you will continue to enjoy these as we move forward.  Congrats again to The Diamond King for winning the first contest - he selected a 2009 Goodwin Miguel Cabrera GU card as his prize.  I will try to add a few more to the list prior to ending this weeks contest.

I am a big fan of lists.  At work and at home the only way that I can ever get anything done or keep track of anything is through making a list.  I have thought about a feature for the blog of listing my favorite players by position for the Giants but I have decided to turn it into a periodic feature of the weekly contest.

For this week's contest, post a comment with your list of your 3 favorite first basemen of all time from your favorite team.  If you don't have a favorite team, just list your favorite 3 first basemen of all time.   I will close it out on Saturday night and all the people that enter will be randomed on 3 times to identify a winner.  Should be pretty simple and lots of fun.

I will share mine to get everyone started.

1. Willie McCovey - What a Surprise!  I think everyone who periodically frequents the blog knows McCovey is my favorite player. He was aging when I started following baseball but was my first baseball hero.  I did tons of reading about him and he and Rickey Henderson were the first players I started collecting.

2. Will Clark - Such a sweet swing and had a stretch where he was one of the best first basemen in the league. He famously homered off Nolan Ryan in his first at bat and had a number of very nice years on the Giants during the late 80s and early 90s.

3. J.T. Snow - He was one of the top fielding first baseman in all of baseball (he was a 2-time Gold Glove winner with the Angels before coming to the Giants then won 4 straight in SF) and a solid hitter and team leader.  He came up big in the clutch including a pinch-hit 3-run homer to tie and NLDS game in 2000 and a 2-run homer to help win Game 1 of the 2002 World Series.

Let's see your top 3 for an entry into the Wednesday Weekly Contest!


  1. Mark McGwire
    Albert Pujols
    Tino Martinez

    These are based on the time I actively watched baseball of course, certainly there are some 50s-80s guys that might rank better.

  2. I'm a Mets and Blue Jays fans (with preferences for the Mets). Players before my time really can't qualify as I have no memories of them so I can respect their accomplishments, they can't really be favourites.

    #1: Carlos Delgado. He's probably the guy who qualifies as having spent the most amount of time with my two favourite teams, and to also be a significant contributor to those times with each of the teams. So, folks like Ed Kranepool don't count.

    #2: John Olerud. Again, he did the double dip, and was such an important part of both the Jays WS teams, and the Mets resurgence in the late 90s.

    #3: Keith Hernandez. Wrapping up the top 3 with an important 80s figure, and he'll always pick up bonus points for the Seinfeld appearance.

  3. 1 Jeff Bagwell
    2 Lance Berkman
    3 Will Clark

    I know Lance wasnt a primary 1B but he did play there a bunch.

  4. Mets fan here. My list looks like this:

    1.) Keith Hernandez - HOF caliber defender; 1979 MVP
    2.) John Olerud - First baseman on 'Best Infield Ever' in 1999; clutch hitter; cool helmet
    3.) Carlos Delgado - Was a fan before he was a Met; monster power

  5. Jimmie Foxx - Would have to start with an older PHillie, cause I've lost more than a little faith in Howard over the last 2 seasons.

    Lou Gehrig - he played in 2,130 consecutive games, a record that stood the test of time from 1939 through 1995!

    Harmon "Killer" Killebrew - Killer, nough said!

    Though it's really a toss up with Jim Thome for third, 600 home run hits as well as setting the new record for most walk-off home runs (13) in the modern era.

  6. Cubs fan here, which means that #1 was awfully easy to pick.

    #1 - Mark Grace
    #2 - Derrek Lee
    #3 - Joe Pepitone (even though he only briefly played with the Cubs)

  7. 1) Ryan Howard-no matter how he is now, his peak was awesome.
    2) Jim Thome-brought the Phillies back to the map.
    3) John Kruk-not just the locks, but really made me appreciate the value of OBP

  8. 1. Mark Grace
    2. Derrek Lee
    3. Bill Buckner

  9. Since I'm an O's fan there's plenty of choices so here's my picks of the primary 1st basemen:

    1. Eddie Murray
    2. Boog Powell
    3. Jeff Conine

  10. My fave team is the Nationals and also O's but hmmm my all-time fave 1st basemen? One of my all-time fave players Frank Howard played some 1st base in his later career, but he was known more for being Outfield so I will not include him here. Also technically Senators 2.0 is not Nationals even though both were DC teams. Technically I should like the Yankees since they were the Orioles 1.0. But I digress.

    1. Adam LaRoche - Before being traded to the Nats Adam was pretty much off of my RADAR sure I knew of him from collecting cards (and was a Brave but I tended to ignore him since he wasn't as big a menace as some of those other guys). It wasn't until I started seeing him in action with the Nats that he became a fave player.

    2. Eddie Murray - Should add an all-time Oriole here so Eddie is da man. What can I say bout him? Hall of Famer 'nuff said.

    3. Nick Johnson - Not the greatest 1st baseman in history but for several years he was the Nats (previously Expos) 1st baseman. When healthy he had an excellent on base percentage. One of my all-time fave Nats.

  11. 1. Kevin Youkilis - favorite player in the game today.
    2. Mo Vaughn - Best Sox first baseman in my lifetime.
    3. Jimmie Foxx - Best Sox First baseman of all time.

  12. Just going with the Mets 1st Basemen I actually saw play.

    1. John Olerud
    2. Carlos Delgado
    3. Ike Davis

  13. If I went with only guys I saw play I'd have to list James Loney and Greg Brock. Not doing that:

    1. Gil Hodges
    2. Steve Garvey
    3. Wes Parker

    Other great Dodger first basemen: Eric Karros, Eddie Murray, Ron Fairly, Shawn Green (for 1 year), Dolph Camilli -- and Adrian Gonzalez!)

  14. Adam LaRoche - awesome guy, sweet swing
    Fred Crimedog McGriff - again, vastly underated player
    Freddie Freeman - the Future

    with a permanent soft spot in my heart for Sid Bream. you all know why. Because Sid slid.

  15. 1. Andres Galarraga - Loved the big cat, the guy could hit a ball as far as anyone and was a very underrated defender
    2. Todd Helton - The face of the Rockies
    3. John Vander Wal - Slim pickings for a team that has only had two regular first basemen, Vandy was more of a pinch hitter but he did play some first, he was a beast off the bench.

  16. Reds Fan Here!
    1. Joey Votto
    2. Ted Kluszewski
    3. Tony Perez

  17. Garvey
    Jerry Sands (he played it a wee bit, and I love the guy)

  18. Royals First Basemen....I'm too young to remember Aikens or Mayberry, so I have to go with:
    1) Steve Balboni -- Still holds the team record for best mustache (and most HR in a season)
    2) Mike Sweeney -- More of a DH/Catcher, in my opinion, but played 1B for 4 of his years in KC.
    3) Ken Harvey -- Grimace.

  19. 1. Todd Helton (no brainier!)
    2. Will Clark (hated him as a Giant, loved him as a Cardinal!)
    2. Albert Pujols (will break some records)

  20. 1. Paul Goldschmidt
    2. Travis Lee
    3. Mark Grace

  21. Mets
    1 Keith Hernandez
    2 John Olerud
    3 Ike Davis

  22. Third Cubs fan to report. Third to choose Grace as #1.

    1. Mark Grace
    2. Anthony Rizzo (beat cancer and mashes the ball)
    3. Julio Zuleta (reminded me of Pedro Cerrano from Major League)

  23. Jays Jays Jays
    1. John Olerud
    2. Carlos Delgado
    3. Edwin Encarnacion

  24. I did a search of 1st basemen and tried to pick 3 from different generations who are my Top 3.

    1. Hank Greenberg - Wartime shortened his career.
    2. Eddie Murray - Growning up in Rochester , Eddie was a household name
    3. Jim Thome - Future HoF'r

  25. Mets for me!

    1. Ike Davis
    2. John Olerud
    3. Carlos Delgado

  26. 1. Todd Helton - As said by another blogger, no brainer.
    2. Andres Galarraga - The Big Cat
    3. Someone else played first for the Rockies? Got to go with Freddie Freeman. Power, average, defense. A great Brave for years to come.

  27. Oh, I like this contest idea. I love lists. So, for the Tigers:
    1. Hank Greenberg
    2. Norm Cash
    3. Miguel Cabrera (tough not to pick Cecil, but I love Miggy at 1st)

  28. 1. Alvin Davis - There's a reason why he is still Mr. Mariner

    2. Bruce Bochte - the first Mariners 1B I got to know

    3. John Olerud - A hometown guy that was personable and had a sweet swing

  29. My three favorites are phillies of course
    1. John Kruk -- Grew up with those 93 phillies got me into baseball
    2. Ryan Howard -- Besides schmidt maybe the greatest homerun hitter in phillies history
    3. Jim Thome -- was the first guy to step up to the plate and sign a big deal and make philly a go to place with the then new stadium

  30. I'm going to have to go with:
    Gehrig - this is a no brainer pick I shouldn't have to explain. :)
    Olerud - He was just consistent. And how can you not like a guy that wore a giveaway batting helmet on the field!
    Konerko - my fav team, and a guy that probably doesn't get as much credit as I think he deserves.

  31. I am going with Eric Karros, Steve Garvey, and Olmedo Saenz.

  32. Phillies phan -

    Pete Rose - a key part of the world series teams I grew up with

    John Kruk - a key part of the 1993 miracle season

    Ryan Howard - a key part of 08, 09 and the magical period of 07-11

    Honorable mention - Jim Thome (a phan favorite, an all time great and a welcome addition to start of the disappointing 2012 season)

  33. Will Clark!
    Will Clark!
    Will Clark!

    I'll give runner up votes to Pete O'Brien and Michael Young (part timer at the position).

  34. Red Sox

    1. David Ortiz, primarily a DH but like to watch him in the field and
    2. Kevin Youuuuuuuuuukilis, puts a great effort out there every time
    3. Kevin Millar, Cowboy Up!

    Honorable Mention:
    Nomar Garciaparra, not with the Red Sox but when he was, unfortunately, a walking injury towards the end of his career he played some first with the Dodgers and A's

  35. Gregg Jefferies, Allen Craig and whoever that guy is that plays for the Angels now.

  36. The Contest is closed. I will random off a winner soon.