Friday, October 19, 2012

Stayin' Alive

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the Giant's season was going to be over tonight.  The Cardinals seems to have all the momentum and Barry Zito was on the mound.  Yes he has had a decent season winning 15 games but I just didn't have much confidence.  I am surrounded my Cardinals fans at work so I had my concession speech in progress and my wallet out to pay off the lunches I have bet on the series.  And then what happened...

Barry Zito pitched the game of his life and kept the Giants season alive.  I still am not overly confident that they will make this a streak and advance to the World Series but at least I have one more game to watch and cheer my team on.  There are a few things that line up well for the Giants: 1)They are heading home, 2)They just came back on the Reds and won 3 straight knock out games, 3)Vogelsong and Cain are set to pitch the last 2 games, and 4)They seem to have some momentum and I wouldn't be surprised if the Cards are looking over their shoulder a bit.

I know this is overly optimistic but at least a guy can dream!


  1. Zito was absolutely lights out!!! I am pulling for your Giants !

  2. I'm not really interested in either the Cards or the Giants. If pushed I guess I'd normally prefer the Cards, but since they escaped 2 final strike outs against my Nationals I really really want the Giants to come back and take them to face the Tigers. I don't want the Tigers to win the WS so I'd really rather see the Giants beat them than the Cards.