Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trade Post - Coot Veal and the Vealtones

Time for another trade post and this one was a nice one (well they are all nice but this one was particularly nice).  Dustin over at Coot Veal and the Vealtones dropped me a note as he was interested in a Tigers Auto I pulled out of 2012 Topps Chrome.  As trades often do, this one ballooned into a big Tigers for Giants trade with tons of cards switching hands.  I scanned quite a few cards so let's get to the highlights of the trade package.

 First up we have some well loved vintage from the 1958 set.  I am now down to needing only 4 Giants for this team set, unfortunately two are Willie Mays cards.  Very happy to knock another card off this want list.
 I received this group of inserts.  The McCovey wasn't new to me but now I have the spot filled in the Giants binder as the other resides in the McCovey binder.  I love the Mays Heritage card, I hadn't seen it before getting it in this trade.  I am hoping Lincecum can turn it on again in the playoffs, I am a little worried about starting the guy with the worst ERA in MLB.  Some nice inserts all around here.

 These are some of the parallel cards I received in the trade, nothing too crazy but I do like the O-Pee-Chee black border with the view of AT&T park, very nice card!
 I love shiny cards and look at this collection.  The Bonds card at the top middle is a nice looking card and another stadium shot, this time in Gold.  The Xfractor looks super cool and I am a Flair fan and enjoy the card of Survivor contesting Jeff Kent.

 These cards had all failed to make it onto my extensive checklist and I always like get it more up to date.  I have gotten a few different Conlon cards in trades lately and they are some of the coolest cards, I love the photos of the old time players.  There are a ton of Giants in the set and I can't wait to add some more.  The Hoyt card is very nice and shiny.  His uniform in cards is always a crapshoot, glad Topps decided to include him as a Giant in this set.  These Fleer World Series cards are awesome - I have never had one before and now I want more. I have some of the stickers from the 80s whose backs used a similar format and style but having this one on cardboard is excellent.

This trade had a little of everything, I even got a few set needs in the deal. While I have want lists up for 1970 and 1973, I think 73 will be the next target.  If you have any for trade, let's see if we can work something out.

As a team collector, I get a lot of joy out of completing a team set and Dustin finished this one off with a big bulk of Studio cards.  Gotta love the big SF in the background.

Here are 3 more team sets that I finished off in this trade as well.  I believe the Goodwin mini team set may be the first mini set I have finished.  I am close on a couple Ginter sets but I do believe this is the first one.
I even scored an auto in this trade.  He isn't the most high profile player.  After a cup of tea with the Giants in 2008-09, he has bounced around a bit and was released in July by the Marlin's organization. Not a great player but any new Giant auto is a good Giant auto in my book.
Finally, I just picked some of my favorite base cards out of the bunch to show off.  All great and needed additions to the Giants collection.

One more scan of some of the favorites.  I will tell you that this trade took some serious time to file away in the Giants' binders but I had a ton of fun doing it.

Dustin, thanks for a great trade!


  1. That Rod Beck Stadium Club just screams "I am taking your girlfriend, and I will punch you in the face with this ball if you try and stop me."

  2. Glad you liked everything. You really blew me away with what you sent back. It was a great trade, and I'll be hunting for Giants for you in the future.