Saturday, February 9, 2013

1973 Topps Set Quest - Post 2

As you may recall, one of my goals during 2013 will be to try and complete this 1973 set through card number 528.  The final series consisting of cards 529-660 are more difficult to obtain and more pricing and while I will be looking to add those to my set, my focal point during 2013 will be on the cards through 528.

 Here are a few recent pickups.
These 3 came courtesy of the famous blogger Night Owl.  Greg and I are pretty much past the point of trades and just send each other cards occasionally. Well that isn't completely true as we are in the process of completing a major trade that you should see posted in the near future.  The Greif card is a high number while the other two are in the sweet spot of my 2013 collecting goal for the set.

Speaking of high numbers, most of my recent pick ups have been of the high number variety, check these out:

 These cards are all new high number pick ups.  For some reason, I scanned Rusty and Fred twice.  Maybe it is the cool photo shopped hat of Mr. Torres and the awesome Yankee Stadium background in both cards.

Finally my 2 favorite pickups:
 An awesome Babe Ruth commemorating him as the The All-Time RBI Leader.  It is a little miscut but I am very glad to add it.  It completes the All-Time leader subset for me.

Last but certainly not least the 1972 Strikeout Leaders featuring Hall of Famers Steve Carlton and Nolan Ryan.  Another League Leader card and actually the final one in the set that I needed.

The Babe and the SO Leaders knock 2 more cards off the need list that book for more than $10.  I am making some nice progress on this set.  Who knows, if I keep finding good deals on the high numbers at this pace, I might be able to finish off the entire set.

Here are some stats tracking my progress:

Total Cards added in this post - 19
Total Cards from 1-528 added in this post - 4
Cards added with BV $10 or higher in this post - 2
Progress on cards with BV $10 or higher - 14/22
Updated status towards 2013 goal - 470/528
Updated status towards complete set - 524/660

If you have any of my wants for trade let me know.  I will keep my progress updated on the blog as well and my want list up to date.


  1. I always forget about the high numbers in '73 Topps (probably cause not as intimidating as '71 and '72 high numbers).

    One day I'll probably try to complete the '73 set, but right now the cards are just going to folks like you who are more serious about it.

    1. I am actually accumulating a decent stack of duplicates so reach out when you decide to give it a go. Some aren't in the best condition, but they will be good placeholders until you can upgrade. Thanks again.