Friday, February 8, 2013

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

As I started making my want list for 2013 Topps I realized I still had quite a few loose ends to tie up with 2012 sets.  So what is a collector to do, go on a Sportlots shopping spree!

I usually search our sellers that have many of the cards I need to keep shipping costs down and I did pretty well this time.  Here are some of the goods I picked up.

First up were the last 6 stickers I needed for the 2012 Topps Sticker set:
I am going to try to show some discipline this year and stay away from the sticker set. I like them and all but the $1/pack actually adds up.  Plus there aren't too many traders for them, at least not as many as there are for most other sets.  I do like the inclusion of the pie faced Ian Kennedy in the set.

Next up is Topps Archive:
 I wasn't able to finish off the Reprint set but I did get within 3 cards.  I am showing I still need a McCovey which I know I have in my McCovey binder.  I need to go through my extras to see if I have another. Either way, picking up these got me much closer that makes me happy.  My favorites from these are the Yaz and Pops cards.
These two inserts did finish off sets for me!  Not the biggest fan of the floating head stickers but the Clemente is sweet!  That is a great photo of Roberto and I am not sure if that is a facsimile of his real signature or not but I am really digging it.

Not counting the ridiculous Bryce Harper SSP, I am down to needing 4 SPs and 3 Reprints to put this one to rest.  The Combos and In Action cards are also on my want list and I would love to finish them but they don't seem to be too plentiful in the marketplace or with traders.

Next we have 2012 Topps Update:
 I needed LOTS of the 1987 minis.  Seems like quite a few people collected these and I also believe that there weren't as many buyers of Update as Series 1 and 2 to trade with. I still dig these and my favorites are the Gehrig, the O's Reggie and the cards with the Future Stars banner.
 I also pulled down 10 Golden Moments cards. This insert set leaves a lot of wasted space in my opinion.  The set builder in me had to go for it however. 
Finally 5 Golden Greats, the final Blockbuster I needed and one more mini that wouldn't fit on the scanner.  I liked the update version of Golden Greats much better than Series 1 where there were multiples of all the players.  These Update cards actually came from an eBay auction where you could pick the cards you need to try and finish you sets.

I am down to just needing 1 1987 Mini, 1 Golden Great and 1 Golden Moment card to finish this one off.  So close!

 My candidate for the surprise set of the year, Panini Triple play.  These pick ups finished off the puzzle portion of the set.
 The Lincecum finishes of the When I was a Kid portion of the set and the HOFers get me to within 2 - Nolan Ryan and Willie McCovey.  These are some of the best cards of the year!  Again I have a McCovey in my Willie Mac binder but need another for the set.  I also need 3 of the 5 "Relic" cards so I am just 5 away.
Here are the last 6 stickers!  With all the packs I bought this one should have been done a long time ago but the collation was awful!  Glad to put this to rest, I really like the caped guy diving for a ball.

And the last set, Allen & Ginter:
This 4 card purchase finished off 3 insert sets of Ginter.  The base has been done for a while.  I still need 23 of the cards put out to crack the code but I am not planning on spending much, if anything, to pursue that.

So let's recap my 2012 set building accomplishments:
Topps Series 1 with all inserts - Complete
Topps Series 2 with all inserts - Complete
Topps Chrome - Complete
Topps Gypsy Queen with all inserts - Complete
Topps Heritage with SPs - Complete
Topps Opening Day - Complete
Topps Stickers - Complete
Topps Archives - 4 SPs and 3 inserts away
Topps Update with all inserts - 3 inserts away
Panini Triple Play with all inserts - 5 cards away
Topps Allen & Ginter - Complete (minus 23 code cards)
Panini Cooperstown - 9 base cards, 15 SPs and tons of inserts away

I guess I didn't tie up all my loose ends but I am sure am much closer.  Check out my Set Want List if you think you might be able to help out with any of my set needs.

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  1. Awesome haul, Adam. What was the seller name? Might have to hit them up?