Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Topps Jumbo Box Results - Just the Hits

I already provided my thoughts on most of the set and inserts in my Walmart retail splurge post so I thought I would share my 3 hits from my Jumbo box and direct you to my Trade Bait and Want List 2013 Topps tab.

Before jumping to my hits I will give some quick thoughts on the inserts I didn't pull from my retail splurge.

The Die Cuts are AWESOME I can't wait to get this set put together. It looks like there are 25 of them so I am 12% of the way to the set.  I am going to need a second Willie Mays as well but a great job by Topps.

The Greats is a solid set as well.  Great checklist and a high quality card.  Reminds me of a Donruss Design I think from a decade or so back.  This is a 30 card set so with only 2 I am under 7% towards completion.  Something tells me this may be the final set I complete this year.

On to the hits of my box. First the Manu-relic:

This card is super thick and designed real nice.  The award is metal and the card is pretty heavy.  I like Catfish but this would probably be up for trade for a similar Giant.  It wouldn't kill me to hold on to this as well.

Now my relic:

Here is one that I have no desire to hold onto.  A pretty disappointing relic for me.  Any Nationals fans out there???

Finally my auto:

Well, some pluses and minuses here.  Plus - I like getting autos of retired players.  Minus - It is a Dodger.  Plus - this is for trade for a Giants Auto that I need.  Minus - I have yet to see one pulled from a fellow blogger.

Nothing too exciting but I did get the complete set and quite a few inserts.  Again, check out my want list and trade bait.  I also have tons of non 2013 Topps stuff for trade.


  1. Podres has been gone for at least 4 years. ... They're still holding onto those stickers.

  2. I have a pair of Giants die-cuts I'd be happy to send you for any Rangers extras you have from the set, E-mail me at if you'd like them.

  3. Would love to set up a trade for the Catfish i have a boat load of Giants that i could send your way.