Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Conlon Collection Series 2 Box Break - Pack 5

It has been way too long since I have cracked a pack of this box and posted.  Now that I am close to being on top of my package sending, I won’t feel as guilty about continuing this box.  I doubled the number of Giants pulled in this pack so that is pretty sweet. I should get some duplicates when this box is all said and done and I am hoping to score quite a few of the Giants.

Series completion - 75/330
Duplicates - 1
Giants in this Pack - 3
Total Giants - 6
HOFers in this Pack - 3 (Griffith, Hubbell, Lindstrom)
Total HOFers - 22

Favorite Card Front:
I am not 100% certain what resulting in me liking this card front so much but I am thinking it has to be the uniform.  Check out the size of that upturned collar and the style of the hat.  You can see most of the huge letters spelling out CUBS across his chest.  This just screams early 1900s baseball.  The banner across the top reminds us that Heinie was a Triple Crown winner.  Did you know that the title was stripped away and then returned to him after some stat crunching?  Also Heinie was banned for baseball for allegedly enticing his teammates to fix games.

Favorite New Facts Learned:
Hooks Wiltse card back:

This card celebrates Wiltse’s no hitter for the Giants on 7/4/1908.  What I learned was how close he was to pitching a perfect game.  He hit the 27th batter after a controversial call by the umpire.  Last year we heard a lot about Matt Cain’s first perfect game in Giants history, to think a bad call by an umpire (who would later admit it was a bad call) erased a possible perfecto over 100 years ago.

Clark Griffith card back:

I have heard of Clark Griffith’s run as owner of the Washington Senators and I believe I recall that he played baseball prior to becoming an owner.  I had no idea he won 20 games 7 times and had 240 career wins.  Based on the card back, it appears he pitched in 2 games when he owned the club as well.

Charlie Berry card back:

Reading through Berry’s card back was all new to me as I didn’t recall ever hearing about him.  The most impressive thing to me was that he not only survived a collision at home plate with Babe Ruth but he ended up sending the Bambino off the field on a stretcher and to the airport.  He was obviously multitalented as well with a career in pro baseball, football and as an NFL head linesman. 


  1. I keep hoping that one day I'll stumble across a guy with boxes of this stuff at the flea market. You can learn a lot from this product. Very cool.

  2. I like this set a lot. You have good taste in teams --- go Giants!

  3. Actually, the way it reads, a frustrated and/or flustered Hooks Wiltsie blew his own perfect game after a possibly bad call that would have ended it. Can't put the blame on the ump if it wasn't ball four.