Monday, February 18, 2013

Package Frenzy & 72 Minis!

I doubt anyone but me really noticed but I haven't posted in a little while.  I have been far from absent for the hobby just busy on a couple other things.  My primary focus has been packaging up card to mail to others and this photo will help illustrate what I have been up to:

That is one big priority mail box (for the Bad Wax traveling box I participate in), one hundred count box, 3 PWE and 9 bubble mailers.  I actually have another small box to put together and 2-3 more bubble mailers but those will get packaged up in the next couple days.  Big trip to the Post Office tomorrow afternoon.

My card purchasing hasn't really slowed but my desk is piling up with cards that need to be scanned and my extra bedroom has stacks that need to be put into binders and boxes.  However I am feeling a big weight off my shoulders and finally feel close to caught up on shipping for the first time since our baby arrived.

I thought it would be wise to show a few cards in addition to the packages. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the entire set of 1972 Minis from this year's Topps release.  I wasn't sure how readily they would be parted with in trades and I found it at a fairly reasonable price. I know many of the cards have been shown on various blogs but I don't think the entire set has been shown together.

For your viewing pleasure....
I am a fan of the 1972 design and very happy this insert set was included and hope it extends beyond Series 1. I know minis from 72 makes no logical sense, I still like having real cardboard cards with new photos in an old design.

A couple observations:
1. It appears the plan was to group the active players together by team but Adrian Gonzalez's trade threw a wrench into that.
2. No idea why Matt Kemp was place at the end amongst the 8 retired players.  Was there supposed to be another retired player included that was swapped at the last minute?
3. I am still sick of the Yankee representation, 4 active players when playoff teams like the Giants, Cardinals, A's, Rays and Nationals only get 1.  The Dodgers also have 4 which irritates me but I believe the checklist was built thinking A-Gon was a Red Sox player and again not sure on the Kemp placement.

I am hoping that this insert set continues into Series 2 and Update.

If you are looking to trade check out my 2013 Topps tab. I don't believe my trade bait is fully up to date but my set wants and Giants wants should be.  I am really needing some of The Greats inserts and the Die Cuts for my set.


  1. You need to put that baby to work on the mailings. Diapers don't pay for themselves, buddy!

  2. The Cain die cut will be in the package I send you tomorrow!

  3. i have a similar mail pile. and, the traveling box!

  4. Adam, Thanks for showing off the complete 72 mini set. I had been waiting for someone to show it all off at one time.