Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trade Post - Tons of Trades

It has been over a week since I have posted, just been busy with work and the kids. Since that time the mail has been piling up.  I thought I would share the goods from a few of the trades I have completed recently.

First up is a trade with Napkin Doon, author of The Adventures of Napkin Doon.  We have made a few trades in the past and this time I scored some nice Giants cards.
 These represent 3 of the 4 parallel sets I suspect I will complete this year.  I always go for the gold set and really like this year's emerald parallels.  The Walmart and Target parallels seem much more plentiful this year which is great for a team collector like me.
 Napkin also tossed in some other sweet Giants cards.  The Exquisite card of Noah Lowry is super thick and numbered out of 99.  Although Tommy Joseph was dealt as part of the Hunter Pence trade, I still like any card from when he was a Giants prospect.  The Buster gold Gypsy Queen parallel is a great card although I just bought one as well, oops.  The Pablo is a parallel also numbered to 99, I am a huge Museum Collection base card fan and may need to track down some more of these.

I also realized that I never showed the Mark Sanchez jersey card from our last trade.  We did a quick one for one football hit trade last time and I added this to my USC collection.

Next up is a trade with another frequent trade partner, Sam over at The Daily Dimwit.  This trade was back in early to mid January and I picked up these nice cards:

 The main crux of the trade were these Panini Cooperstown inserts.  I have put up a want list of all the inserts I need for the set.  I really don't know if I will ever be able to pick them all up but I will go after all I can.  This was one of my favorite sets of 2012 and these insert sets are all pretty nice.  I am a huge fan of the High Praise and Ballparks cards.  Great stuff!
 I believe Sam mentioned that he ended up with the Giants in a Goudey group break I missed out on. I was happy to pick up these 3 cards.  I only need a Gaylord Perry SP to finish up the base set and scored 2 new minis.

Speaking of minis, the final 3 cards of this trade were some Gypsy Queen minis.  At one point I declared that I was going to collect all the different mini colors and parallels from this sets but I got off track.  I think that is something I need to revisit, I am a fan of this set.

I guess I am on a frequent trader streak, here are some cards I scored Weston over at Fantastic Catch.  Weston typically drops me a note with a few cards he has off my want list and we quickly strike up a trade. 
 These were some set needs.  I have finished off the Triple Play sticker set and need 5 more cards to finish off the base set. The Billy Butler helped finish off the 1987 Mini set from 2012 Topps.
 Here are some Upper Deck cards.  The OPC black borders look sweet and I am a fan of the Biography inserts from the last UD set in 2010.  Look how great of a job UD did in not showing the Giants logo in Jonathan Sanchez's hat!
Finally some Topps needs.  The top 2 were some 2010 inserts that I never finished off.  The Brandon Belt blue parallel from Pro Debut is a sweet looking card.  The Posey is a Walmart blue border parallel and it is actually a duplicate but I know a couple Giants fans now who may appreciate it.

And the last trade to showcase in this post is from Jon over at Community Gum.  Jon and I have completed a couple trades in the past. 
Jon and I completed a quick 6 for 6 trade with me scoring some Giants Target parallels.  I thought it was funny that all of them were horizontal which actually made the scans come out quite nice.

Thanks to Napkin, Sam, Weston and Jon for the great trades!!!  I really appreciate all the set help and Giants help.  And for you fans of trade posts, don't worry, I have a bunch more to share in the next couple weeks.

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