Friday, February 15, 2013


I have always been drawn to the unique cards or items from the players I collect.  It started with my Rickey Henderson collection in the late 80s and early 90s where there were tattoos, 3D cards, candy filled plastic standups, credit cards, pencils and just about anything you could think of to put a name and/or picture of a famous baseball player.  I also picked up every oddball of Willie McCovey including first day stamped envelops and mini pewter statues.  Fun stuff.

One thing I have been contemplating as I build my Giants collection is how many of these oddballs should I seek out. With so many cards absent from my collection, I have plenty of targets without broadening my search beyond normal cards (and minis!).  For the most part I haven't really sought anything out however occasionally I will run across something that is unique and priced right and I will take the plunge.

Recently I picked these up on Sportlots:
These are two matchbook covers featuring Willie Mays apparently produced in 1980.  To me this seems like a very odd oddball, why is the Say Hey Kid featured on matches?  But for $5.25 for the pair shipped, I had to pick them up and check them out.  These were produced by Liberty Collectors Club out of Massachusetts and feature a nice little write up about some career highlights.  It may be a little hard to tell but they are slightly different colors which makes you wonder how many different colors were produced.

So, am I considering this a good purchase?  I guess so, kinda fun and very unique.  I am glad I stumbled across them.  I still think that my only oddball purchases outside of my player collections will only come when I randomly find items like this.  I don't see myself going on a big search.

What is your approach to Oddballs in your collection?  Are they a key component of your collection?  Are there some Oddballs you prefer over others?


  1. I'm a huge fan of oddballs and I'd pay $5.25 any day of the week for the pair of Mays matchbooks. Nice find. I rarely seek out specific oddballs, but if I come across one that I like and have never seen, I buy it (assuming the price is right).

    My favorite oddballs are usually food issues or restaurant giveaways, but in all honesty... I'm open to any of them. The odder... the better.

  2. yep I'm and oddball lover too. I think you got a great deal. Now you have to find out how many color variations there are.

  3. I love oddballs! How are you set for the black & white, blank-backed cards they give out at the stadium or autograph signing events over the past decade or two?