Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Pick Ups - 1950s Edition

Not feeling overly creative tonight and I am a little bit tired so I thought I would just share some recent card pickups. I thought some 1950s vintage Giants might hold a couple peoples attention.  So with little commentary and for your viewing pleasure I present some recent Giants pickups...

 Let's start backwards through the decade and showcase a couple 1959 Topps cards.  I am a fan of this design and actually have 2-3 very nice pickups in addition to these that will be more prominently featured.  While my 2013 collecting goals don't include any specific around the 1950s, I still seek out any Giants needs I have.  With these two pickups and the others I have yet to show I currently need only 3 cards to complete this team set.

 Next up is the sole 1958 pick up.  I need only 3 cards to complete this team set as well but 2 of them are Willie Mays cards. 

 These 2 1957 pickups get me to within 5 of the team set and I have one very big pickup on its way!

Finally 2 cards from the 1952 Topps set. This is actually by second Tookie card from this set and it is the Red Back variety so I now have both.  Counting both Tookies I only have 7 cards from this set and this is one that will most likely never be completed.  In addition to needing the $3000 Mays, the Giants have an even dozen high number cards which are hard to find and very expense.  One of those high numbers is the rookie card of none other than HOFer Hoyt Wilhelm.

There you have it, definitely making some progress on a few of these team sets and getting them closer to completion.


  1. Nice additions! Tookie reminded me of the bird from the George of the Jungle cartoons,