Friday, January 2, 2015

Emerald Nuts Pick Up

Since 2005, the Giants have had a stadium giveaway.  From 2005-2012 the set was sponsored by Emerald Nuts.  In 2013 Chevron was the sponsor and 2014 was sponsored by Coca Cola.  My 2014 set was missing a card and I am trying to figure out if it was released or not as the pack was factory sealed. 

I have been able to purchase the last 4 sets as they have come out and have been working to fill in the gaps.  I recently picked up the 2007 set.  The price has come down a bit since Tim Lincecum has started to falter, his rookie is part of the set. I only have 2006 and 2010 left.  I recently missed out on a 2006 set that sold for a pretty reasonable price, it was the only set I have ever come across.  The 2010 set has Buster Posey's rookie and while there are several for sale, the Buy It Now prices range from $70-$100 and I can't see myself ever spending that much on the set.

Here is the wrapper the set came in:

The cards have the same design at the 2007 Topps base set with the addition of the Emerald logo on the card.

 Here are the first nine, Chulk, Correia and Kline don't appear in the regular Topps set and Hennessey and Lincecum are in the Update set with different pictures.  Here are the regular Topps base pictures:

Cards 10-18:
In this second group, Sanchez and Taschner don't appear in the base Topps set and the rest of the pictures are the same. As a matter of fact, The Bengie Molina photo appears in both series 1 and 2, card numbers 4 and 342.  For some reason he has 2 identical cards in the set with the exception of the card number.

 Cards 19-26
 In this third scan, Sweeney and Ortmeier are not in the base set.  The rest use the same photos.  The Vizquel base card has a banner above his name celebrating his Gold Glove that doesn't appear here but it is the same photo.

Linden and the coach cards are all new while Winn, Roberts and Bochy have the same cards, absent the Emerald logo in the flagship set.

I have a daily email sent to me from eBay for new listings that include Giants and Emerald in hopes of tracking down the final 2 set.


  1. Wow... didn't realize the 2010 set was so expensive. I'll have to keep an eye out for that set at flea markets and card shows. Congratulations on getting the 2007 set. Happy New Year!

  2. I have a question and a request. The question is: What is card SFG28 in the 2008 set? And for the request, could you please post the checklist for the 2014 set? It will take Beckett a few years to catch up to it, and I'd like to get it posted to TradingCardDB and SCF. Thanks!

  3. Checklists posted, thank you, sir! I'll see what I can do about helping track down that missing card from the 2014 set for you.