Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trade Post 2 by 3 Heroes

This trade post is probably a combination of 4-5 different PWEs or bubble mailers that Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes fame. I am lucky enough to be part of his Club PWE and I can't keep up with his generosity with trade posts or return packages but I am going to make an effort here today to share all the cardboard goodness he has sent my way.

These first 3 scans come from a larger package set back around the middle of last year (dang I am behind on trade posts, sorry!).

These were 3 of my favorites, loving the pop up Will Clark, one of these days I need to pick up some dups of these and set up a full defense and play some sort of game with these.  The photo on the Rickey cards is a good one of him going from second to third.  The Buster Bowman was a need at the time, loving the in action start to the swing photo and the Friday Orange jersey.

 These 3 are some great parallels.  The Mays is one of the retail holofoil parallels and I think the design of these insert cards work quite well.  Some of the events that get celebrated are questionable but you can't deny Willie's 600 HRs were historical.  The Zito is a Gold Medallion parallel, this year of Ultra didn't make the parallels stand out too much.  Finally a great Gypsy Queen mini parallel of the Freak.  Looks like the Giants will be counting on him to fill a rotation spot this year, I hope he can bounce back and at least be solid.

Finally this package gifted me 2 Gypsy Queen hits.  I am optimistic Matt Cain will bounce back after a couple of surgeries and have a great year.  I am hoping the rest and rehab will make his stronger that the last couple years.  Kickham was waived by the Giants in December and claimed by the Cubs.  The Cubs then recently designated him for assignment.  Should be interesting to see where he lands, if I recall he had a decent fastball and he is lefthanded.

Now onto some PWE goodies.
This PWE was impressive not only with the nice looking cards but also the quantity.  The Fan Favorites were a great comeback from Topps, I wish they would have done more than just a retail insert.  Mitchell and Panda was a good match.  The McCovey Greats of the Game was already in the Willie Mac binder but I now have one for the Giants binder.  This design is one of the best ever in my opinion. The autos are just amazing.

Believe it or not, Jeff was able to get these cards and the little sticker in the PWE with the 9 cards above.  This was a great group as well, the McCovey is a dup but again fills a spot in the Giants binder.  The minis were all needs as well and I love me some stickers.

 These cards came in a separate PWE a little while later adn what the cards were great, my favorite was the Post-It Note that came with it:
If the pattern holds true, this year will not be a year of winning but watch out in 2016!

The final PWE for this post included these 7 cards. I have very few of those 2009 Topps black border cards like the Lincecum leaders card.  I believe they were Walmart parallels, kind of cool looking cards.  The Bonds Bowman Chrome was one I thought I had but when I checked the want list I realized I had the refractor but not the base card - excellent in the year of the base card!

Jeff thank you for your generosity and all the great cards you have sent my way.  Good luck on your Sox collection!

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  1. I really like the look of that '89 Cain mini.