Sunday, January 11, 2015

Trade Post - Angels In Order

I have a lot of catching up to do with trade posts and I am going to try and make some inroads over the next couple weeks.  I have gotten some great cards from some great bloggers that I need to share and show my appreciation.  Today I thought I would share a package that was sent from Tom of The Angels, In Order. He sent me a monster stack of Giants and quite a few Barry Bonds Pirates cards after I sent him a big stack of 2009 UD cards to help on his set quest.

I will share some of my favorites.
First up were some great Giants minor league cards, a couple familiar names of Giants prospects of the past an a couple I hadn't heard of before.  I have a nice stack of minor league cards with a project in mind to make a binder of just minor league issued cards.  These will go nicely in that binder.

Next are a few oddball cards.  This trade package had quite a few Classic cards and playing cards and I was able to fill a few needs.  I have seen that French's card a bunch of times and was fairly certain I had it but in reality I needed it for the Giants collection.  With his personality, I think it is fitting that Will Clark was the wild card in a playing card set.

These are some inserts, base cards and parallels I needed.  In the top row, the Lincecum ruby is my first Bowman Platinum Ruby parallel and it is a great looking card.  I didn't have any cards for the Upper Deck set across the middle.  It looks as if they uses Conlon photo, I am a huge fan and need to see about getting some more cards from that set.  The package was Barry Bonds heavy and these are some of my favorites.

Here is the last batch of cards to share.  I am a sucker for the Collector's Choice silver signature cards, I really need to track down the rest of the team set and this will help.  The Fleer mini cards are great and remind me of a little frustration.  I bought tons of 2007 Fleer cards in building the set and have a big stack of these minis.  When I started my Giants collection, I went through the big stack and found only 1 Giant.  I am always happy to knock a couple off the want list.

Tom sent me a nice little note and the Giants dump is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for a great trade!


  1. The B&Ws come from a set issued by Upper Deck for the Ken Burns Baseball documentary. Its a nice set but I started breaking mine up a few years ago.

  2. What an awesome assortment from Tom!