Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Most Generous Blogger Strikes Again

I am way behind in posting trades and packages that I have received.  I even have a few just because packages I received that I need to reciprocate.  I am going to push to mix in several of these trade posts over the next few weeks to get caught up and show my appreciation and thought I would start with the man I have deemed the Most Generous Blogger, Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  Wes stopped blogging back in October but promised to stay engaged in the blogging community.  His blog is missed but his generosity lives on.  I have two different packages from him to share today.

First up are cards from a World Cup contest Wes ran.  You were able to claim a card and send him a package back.  The contents of the packages would go head to head with an ultimate winner being named.
I claimed this great looking Tony Gwynn relic.  There weren't any Giants I needed so I jumped at this HOF relic with a pinstripe running through it. Gwynn has always been a favorite of mine and I was happy to add this to my collection of Hall of Famers.  I didn't get my return package sent out in time for the contest but I was happy to be able to send Wes the last 1969 Topps card he needed to finish his set.  It made me feel that I was able to return a little of the generosity he has shared with so many bloggers.

 In typical Wes fashion, he through in some extra Giants and I picked my 9 favorite to share:

These were all needs to fill various holes in my Giants collection.  The Marichal Dominican Dandy card is a great looking piece of cardboard and a couple of these finished off Giants team sets.

I believe this next group of scans were all from a postal flat rate box Wes sent me that was packed with goodies.  There was tons of good stuff included.  I pulled out 4 large team bags stuffed with cards and a few unopened cards.  Just the cards on top show the variety and quality of the cards I received:

 And here are some of my favorites out of the team bags:

 Boy I did a terrible job cropping this picture. Too lazy to go back and fix it.  These cards are all serial numbered with my favorites being the Grissom Stat Line card and the JT Snow die cut Elite card.  A great selection!

 Here are some retired Giants HOFers.  The McCoveys go into my Giants binders as I had the in my Willie Mac collection already. The rest also found nice slots in the Giants binders.

 This is a selection of base cards and stickers, all of which I needed.  The JT Snow Gold Label card looks great and I love picking up logo stickers - I need to get them all into a binder one of these days.

 This package contained a few vintage cards as well, one of these days I need to finish off my 1962 Post set, this McCormick helped.  Wes also tossed in a sweet looking football card of the GOAT Jerry Rice that went straight into my misc. personal collection box.

Finally there was a plethora of hits in the package.  Here are 5 of them.  The Kevin Mitchell Tribute Auto and Hunter Pence Relic we my two favorite but all of these were needs.

I don't know how he accumulates so many great cards but I sure do appreciate his generosity.  Thanks Wes for all the help you have given my collection.  Your blogging is missed but I totally understand and respect your decision to step away from the blog.  You did leave a crack open for a possible future return and I hope some day that will happen.


  1. Another air raid from Wes! Great stuff here, as usual. I'm especially fond of that Topps Retired Monte Irvin gold parallel.

  2. "I don't know how he accumulates so many great cards but I sure do appreciate his generosity."

    I think the entire blogosphere would like to know how he accumulates such a stockpile. Anyone who has ever been "victimized" by one of Wes' over-the-top-packages echoes your sentiments about his generosity. I know I do.