Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Wallet Card

After reading the post in Baseball Card Breakdown about the idea of the wallet card, I instantly knew that I was going to participate.  My kids have played Flat Stanley at school and carried him all over the world and taken pictures and had a blast so I figured I would as well.  I don't know if I will be going to any exotic locations but even some of the normal excursions will become a little more fun capturing my Wallet Card in action.

After deciding to participate, the next action was to decide on a card.  This didn't take me long. I dug through my Giants extra box (could it be any card other than a Giant???) and pulled out this beauty:

The is a card showing the celebration of the 2010 Giants winning their first of what has now become a streak of 3 World Series in 5 years.  This card and other pictures instantly put a smile on my face when I see them so carrying a copy seemed like a natural.  If I am ever having a bad day, I can pull out Wallet Card and it will instantly be better.

This scan was actually taken last night, I forgot to shoot a scan or picture as I was excited to get started and get it into the wallet. If you look at the bottom of the card, some wear is starting to show on the silver foil, there is also a slight bend across the team name that really doesn't show up.

 The original post was on 1/2 and that night I made my Wallet Card selection.  The next day my son and I attended a high end movie theater and Wallet Card came along:
 This move theater has reserved leather recliner seating and with us hitting the earliest movie of the day we had to share the theater with only 6-7 other people.  I sneaked in Wallet Card so got his own seat without having to pay.

 Here is a blurry close up photo of Wallet Card enjoying the leather seating.  I didn't touch Wallet Card throughout because my son and I enjoyed a nice bucket of buttery movie theater popcorn but in hindsight, a butter finger smear might have added a little character to Wallet Card.

So which movie did we see:
Wallet Card is being held up during the opening credits to Unbroken.  Overall we liked the movie quite a bit.  I have heard people indicate they were crying and choked up throughout which didn't really happen with me.  The story was quite emotional but I haven't cried at a movie since I was a kid watching Old Yeller and I had already read the book so the stories weren't new.  As I typically discover, the book was much better than the book.  A couple of co-workers who had also read the book said they regretted seeing the movie as it was inferior, I wouldn't say that.  It was a solid movie but I would recommend anyone seeing the movie and finding the story to be impactful, pick up Laura Hillenbrand's book - you will not be disappointed.  It is a top 10 of all time book in my personal rankings.

I realized yesterday that Wallet Card hadn't been out of the wallet in a few days. Work has been all encompassing over the past couple weeks.  After baseball tryouts for my younger son we decided to hit the Del Taco drive thru so I decided to capture a picture of Wallet Card while we waited:
I am not sure how often I will post but I plan on trying to get a photo or two each week and eventually share Wallet Card's travels and excursions on this blog.  Thanks to Baseball Card Breakdown for the idea and getting the blogging community engaged on such a fun adventure.


  1. Great choice for a wallet card! Pretty fancy looking movie theatre.....isn't there a USC connection to the main character in the book/film? Heard a bit about him during the Rose Parade this year.

    1. Yes there is, he was a student athlete at USC as well. His story is ridiculous, it seems almost fictional. The guy was almost superhuman.

  2. Great choice for a wallet card. Looking forward to seeing it throughout the year!

  3. Neat stuff! Glad to have you joining in.