Friday, January 9, 2015

The Voice of the Giants

Last season for the first time I subscribed the MLB package so I could watch as many Giants games as possible. Obviously that worked out well with them winning but one of the huge benefits was being able to listen to the Giants broadcasters, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.  The are homers and cheer for the Giants and their players but they are also fair.  If a Giant makes a bad play, they call it out.  If a call goes for the Giants that shouldn't have, the don't have blinders on and call it correctly.  I think I have heard they are a well respected team, I definitely know that I like them.

I was a fan of the 2013 release of Panini Hometown Heroes.  I bought a few retail packs and was on the verge of going after the set when I discovered they had a bunch of short prints (Note to card companies: There are collectors and consumers who buy less of your products when you include short prints - this goes for Topps Heritage some years for me as well).  The player selection was interesting as they went for more of the fan favorites versus just the superstars which was cool to see.  Mike Krukow even had an autograph in the set:

The lack of licensing with the hat and jersey being photoshopped out kind of stinks but I am happy to have an autographed card of this former Giant player and current broadcaster in my collection.

Kruk, as he is affectionately known, is battling a disease that is robbing him of the use of his quads which is severely limiting his mobility.  There have been quite a few stories and I have seen a couple interviews with him and his family.  At first he tried to hide it but he has really opened up.  Recently I have been seeing quite a few quotes from him about some of the Giants off season moves and potential moves which reminded me of this card and spurred on this post.  I am glad to have him as my team's broadcaster and his attitude when dealing with his health issues is inspiring.

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  1. When I pulled that auto from a hobby box of Hometown Heroes, I was happy to pull an auto of someone who hadn't really been in products for a bit. I then searched to learn it was actually his first card since 1990, which made it even more interesting.

    And yes, the SP thing was excessive. I had one in the whole box.