Thursday, April 2, 2020

Just for the "F" of It #18 - 2019 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Auto Dr. James Andrews

Time to start up one of my favorite series again.  I have quite a few focuses in my collection - sets, player collections, Giants, 49ers, Trojans, etc. but this series showcases cards that I pick up just for the fun of it.  They don't necessarily fit into a part of my collection, I just get them because I like them and want them.

When I think about oddly famous people in the sports world, Dr. James Andrews certainly comes to mind.  He isn't a professional athlete, coach for front office executive but just about any baseball fan knows his name.  It is a name that might make you cringe when it associated with one of your favorite players or an important member of your team.

Dr. Andrews had an autograph card in 2019 Topps Archives and I recently saw someone on Facebook with a copy for sale and I had to jump on it.

As you can see, it is modeled after the 1982 Topps design, one of my favorites, and I love that his team is listed as Surgeon. I was trying to think if there would be a more apt team name while putting his position in the hockey sticks as surgeon but I think this looks just great.

There have been a few Fan Favorites autos of non-players and I have contemplated going after all of them but then that would be a new collection so I think I will just stick with picking this one up for the "F" of it.


  1. He also did my cousins shoulder surgery.

  2. Very cool pick up indeed.
    Love this series of yours!

  3. I love the non-player autographs out of Archives. Heck... I even purchased the card of that New York Yankees fan I had never heard of before (until they made a card of him).