Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Childhood Want Satisfied

As a kid I started collecting cards in 1979 and while I was able to build most of the baseball set, I only had about half of the football set.  I have since completed the set but there is one card from that set that I have always cherished and wanted to add the single to my collection.  My LCS posted this card up on the bid board a little while back and I had to jump.

Earl Campbell burst onto the scene in 1978 rushing for 1450 yards and I remember him being "The Man".  He was super popular and with my 49ers a couple years away from relevancy, the Oilers were a team I like to cheer for.  I love the baby blue uniforms, coach Bum Phillips and of course Earl Campbell. 

This card was elusive back in 1979, I didn't have a copy nor did any of my collecting buddies.  We knew it existed because of the checklist and assumed he had the All Pro designation because we were missing one final AFC Running Back.  It would end up being a number of years before I set eyes on a copy at a card show in the mid-80s and it was too expensive for me at that time.  Even now when I look at it, it feels new due to the unfamiliarity.

This is definitely one of my favorite football cards in my collection.


  1. And after 1980 Campbell didn't appear on any cards while active, making it even more attractive.

    1. Actually 1979 was his only Topps card while active.