Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Opening Day!!!

I am so excited that today is Opening Day for the Giants.  With the money the Dodgers have spent and the trades the Padres have made (did they really just trade for Craig Kimbrell???) it is going to be an uphill battle for the Giants to contend for a playoff spot but they have proved prognosticators wrong in 3 of the past 5 years.  My hopes are high just like every fan's should be at this point in the year.

From a card perspective, Topps Opening Day release has been a target of mine over the last few years. I tend to pick up a full box then fill in the set gaps, usually no more than a couple dozen cards.  I have found that the inserts are usually better than the flagship release and I usually seek out most of the insert sets as well.  A couple weeks ago I picked up my box and it had a couple of surprises.  First, the base set was reduced from the normal 220 cards to 200 cards.  This worked out great for me as I ended up picking up the entire set in my box.  The inserts, once again, are pretty nice and you can see my want list on the Set Want List page.

The biggest surprise however was this:
A relic card popped out of one of the packs and relic cards are seeded 1 in every 331 packs!  Not only did I score a relic card, I got a card of one of my favorite players, All Star Catcher for my SF Giants Buster Posey.  I was super excited to pull a card like this from a $30 box.

My run of luck in pulling cool cards has continued and I hope this is a good omen from my Giants, maybe at least a win versus the Diamondbacks on Opening Day.

Best of luck to all of you and your teams and Happy Opening Day!

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  1. Great score! I have yet to pull a Giants insert in my random pack/box purchases, but someday. Looking forward to the new season, too. GO GIANTS!