Saturday, April 25, 2015

Are the Giants a Dynasty?

There have been quite a bit of talk and quite a few articles debating whether or not the Giants of the last few years are a dynasty.  Some have said that 3 titles in 5 years is enough to make a team a dynasty while others have argued that since none of them are consecutive and the Giants missed the playoffs in the in between years they cannot be considered a dynasty.  Apparently those at Panini/Donruss have made a declaration:

This is a 2015 Donruss card of Giants star catcher but check out the line under his name where you would typically see San Francisco Baseball Club.  This is a short printed parallel and I was lucky enough to pick it up for $5.26 delivered.

You may be surprised and my thoughts on the dynasty question.  At this point the Giants are clearly the team of the 2010s but I would not go so far as to call them a dynasty.  The down years in between (although one could argue that without a gruesome leg injury to the guy pictured above the 2011 result may have been different) really make it difficult for me to claim Giants dominance over the last 5 years.  If they can pick up a 4th either this year or next I will have a much different answer.

Do you consider the recent Giants a dynasty?


  1. Not a dynasty by my standards, but I'd happily be a non-dynasty and take three WS titles in a five year span! By the way, great card!

  2. Like this post suggests... it's debatable. As an A's fan who is surrounded by students wearing orange and black... I have no problem with calling your guy's success a "dynasty".

  3. The Giants can't win in odd numbered years so no, they're not a dynasty.

  4. 3 in 5 years is a Dynasty by my standards. Awesome Posey card BTW.