Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I Love the Retro Sets from the Past Couple Years

I have taken a few days off on posting and need to get back into the swing. I have tons of new cards to show, tons of scans that have been sitting in a folder for a while and a couple good stories to tell so it is time to get back in the saddle.

Tonight I thought I would share some cards that have been in my collection for a few months and one new addition that share something in common.   All of them are of retired players that I cheered for in their playing days and part of a trend I am a huge fan of, adding retired players into today's products.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this newish trend and I will share 5 cards that help me arrive at my positive opinion.

The first two are of former Giants slugger and star Kevin Mitchell.  In his MVP year, he had one of the more impressive statistical seasons for a Giant pre-Barry.  Mitchell led the league in HRs and RBI (47 & 125) while hitting .291.  He played only 4 1/2 of his 13 seasons with the Giants (which happened to be his longest stint with any club) but I will always remember him fondly for his contributions to the boys in Orange and Black.  The fact that Panini has included these 2 Mitchell autos in recent products has enhance my collection and made this Giants fan very happy.

These next two cards are of former Sacramento Kings 6th Man Bobby Jackson.  During the Kings 3-4 year run of putting solid to great teams on the floor Jackson played a huge role coming off the bench to run the offense and provide tons of energy.  His passion was evident every time he stepped on the court and he was one of my favorite players.  The fact he made his way into some retro sets is surprising to me as he wasn't a major star or even a starter for much of his career but these make great additions to my Kings collection and brought back tons of good memories that are much needed with how pathetic the Kings are of late.

This final card is my most recent addition and to me is a huge pick up.  For just $8 off my LCS Bid Board I was able to pick up this share looking auto, serial numbered 10/149 of a Hall of Famer.  Nique has his fans and his critics but I just remember the excitement he brought to the game with his highlight reel dunks and scoring, not to mention his awesome dunks in the Slam Dunk Contest.  Basketball is a distant 3rd in my collection but being able to have cards like this in my collection is great.


  1. Prizm basketball is a good set. Makes you wonder how good baseball could be with a license.

  2. Hometown Heroes - an most excellent card design. I live in the past so retro makes me happy!

  3. I'm a big fan of retro in today's sets as well. The Hometown Heroes is actually a set I'm trying to complete!

  4. I like the retired players in newer sets, as for card design I'd prefer to not use old designs, so retro yes, but re-using old designs no. Prizm is an excellent example, even without my bias of the Hawks, that card rocks!