Friday, April 3, 2015

I Think The Giants are Going to Miss This Guy

I know he isn't the greatest player, he has defensive challenges, is prone to streaks as a hitter and doesn't have a great track record of being healthy.  However, after watching a few Giants games this spring, I think Michael Morse is going to be sorely missed.

Morse was one of the Giants few power threats last year and also appeared to be a great clubhouse guy.  He didn't get a huge contract as a free agent and I am not really sure why the Giants didn't go after him.  Appears to be a play for defense and speed over the power threat.

What do you think of cards like this.  This is a Giants card of Morse (see the SF in the upper right corner?) but obviously features a patch from his days with the Mariners.  This is a cool Mariners patch card with a nice low number of 04/15 but is somewhat of an odd addition for a Giants collection with the silver, green and black relic.  Glad to have tracked down this rare "Giants" card at a very reasonable price, just wish the Giants would have resigned Morse at his reasonable asking price.


  1. Cards like these always confuse me. Should I give this to a Mariner's fan or one of my Giant friends? In this case, I have no Mariner trade pals. Easy choice. Great looking card tho, most certainly!

  2. I still miss him from his Nationals days. His 2012 Pantomime Grand Slam is a classic.