Sunday, April 12, 2015

Player Collection Catch Up - Dave Winfield

One of my goals in 2015 was to place a little more focus and pick up some cards to grow my player collections.  I have made varying degrees of progress but decided it was time to post updates for some of the players to gauge my progress.  In this post I will share some of my more recent Dave Winfield pickups. 

First up are some cards from Winfield's playing days:
 The top left card is a Blue Jays commemorative card celebrating there World Series win.  The back has Dave's ALCS and World Series stats in addition to his season stat.  The top middle card is a Topps Traded card that I don't ever recall seeing until I purchased it which is odd for me and a Winfield card.  The Score card is a sweet one celebrating Dave's 3000th hit.  The Topps card on the bottom left is very Studio-like but comes from Topps American Pie.  The Stadium Club features Winfield in a pose he only successful executed 19 times in his career but is a nice looking card. This one is the parallel World Series version.  Finally this scan has a nice Kellogg's card that I have in a set but not in the Winfield binder.

Most of Winfield's more current cards have him in either a Yankees or Padres uniform which makes sense since he spent 17 of his 22 years on those two teams.  Four of these cards fit the bill with the exception being the Topps 60 year card with him on the Angels celebrating Dave's 6th place spot on the list of Most Home Runs by a Player with 3,000 Hits (behind Aaron, Mays, Palmeiro, Murray and Musial).  The Baseball Heroes design is a favorite of mine, if I ever came across a base set or a couple boxes at a reasonable price I think I would jump.  The Yankee Stadium card and Yankees Classic card both bother me - I hate all the love the Yankees get with special sets.

Here are the final 4 cards of this post with a pair of Gypsy Queens at the top and a pair of shiny reprints on the bottom.  I really enjoy the Gypsy Queen design and look forward to its release each year.  I believe it comes out soon and I am not involved in a group break to pick up the Giants.  If you know of anyone doing a group break with the Giants available please let me know.  Archives Reserve is a favorite of mine and both of these shiny Winfields are great additions to my Dave Winfield collection.

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