Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More Kraft

A few days ago I shared the 1993 Kraft Singles set that I picked up at my LCS.  As mentioned I also picked up the 1994 and it is time to share the second set.  As a reminder, I was able to get all 4 boxes (each year is separated out between AL and NL players) for $10 which I think was a nice deal.

The box for the 1994 set isn't quite as nice as the 1993 set.  I personally liked the play at the plate cartoon on the 1993 box cover.

The backs are pretty similar with 8 cards being shared and instructions on how to pop up the cards.

 I think this design is okay but I am more of a fan of the 1993 set.  Again there is no MLB license so the logos are airbrushed but we get the player and team names.  Also in similar fashion, the position player cards have one side with them batting and the other side either fielding or on the bases.  The pitchers just show 2 throwing action photos.  This group of 5 have 2 HOFers in Griffey and Eckersley with 3 other stars of the day.

 This group has 3 HOFers and a couple pretty solid players in Langston and McRae.  I really like the photo of Puckett in his batting stance, great photo.

 This final group showcases 2 HOFers for a total of 7/15 on the AL side of things. wonder how that compares to the NL.

   The NL isn't off to a very good start although in my opinion both Bagwell and Bonds should be HOFers, my blog so I will count them.  See anything off on Barry's batting picture?  Looks like an image reverse as I am not aware of any Bonds plate appearances as a right handed batter.

Almost an entire group of players whose last names start with G.  This also gives us 2 more HOFers and the NL will need a strong final showing the best the AL.

Speaking of finishing strong, here we have Larkin and Ozzie as HOFers and Piazza and Sheffield as guys I think deserve to be in so a come from behind win for the NL.  I went back and checked to see if there were any borderline HOFers for the AL and Juan Gone is the closest but to me he doesn't quite get there.

I thought I would share the offer so you could see, once again, what it took to get this set in the mail.
 This ad shows some proof of purchases from Kraft Singles and that each family was limited to 5 each. Think anyone stocked up on these back in 1994?

Looks like in addition to the Kraft Singles points it was about $2/box.  So just shipping would have been close to $8 for the 4 boxes I received so my 4 for $10 makes me feel even better.

Doing a quick search it looks like there was a similarly constructed 1995 set along with a cut out from the box set in 1987.  I may need to track those down to complete my Kraft run - the collector in me is an odd duck for even thinking that.