Friday, August 16, 2019

McCovey Stretch Drive Bobblehead

Last year my favorite player from my youth, Willie McCovey passed away.  I don't recall ever addressing it in this blog, in all honesty it was a little hard to deal with when a hero of my youth passed away.  I think there were some thoughts of me approaching the half century mark coupled with some health issues that my doctor sprung on me that made me struggle a bit.

Lately my attitude has started to shift.  I have sought out some old articles about McCovey from his playing days, had some good discussions with my dad about some games we went to when I was a kid and spending more time celebrating his career and enjoying the memories.  I have also had some success on the health related front which may have helped a bit too.

I was watching a Giants game on a little while back and there was an ad for the Junior Giants fund.  It is a charity in the San Francisco area to help kids play baseball.  They were reaching the end of this year's Stretch Drive, a movement that McCovey helped start, to fund raise.  Based on your donation amount, you could qualify for a gift.  The combination of the good cause and the prize had me online quickly to make my donation.

A couple days back, my gift arrived and I am very happy to add this bobblehead to my McCovey collection:

Here is the front view of the bobblehead out of the box.  I don't have a ton of bobblehead as I don't have tons of display room but this McCovey has a spot right on my desk for now.

Here is a view of the back with his name and famous #44 across the back:

On one side of the box, there is some more info about the charity this supports.

I know my dad has made an annual donation to the Stretch Drive and I think I will start that up in honor and memory of my favorite player.  Gift or not it is a great cause in support of the legacy of a great man.


  1. i was going through some stuff of my dad's recently, and found out that the first time i saw mccovey play in person, he was a padre. i have no recollection of that game, but i do recall seeing him play at dodger stadium during his second stint with the giants. he hit the ball real hard. nice addition to your collection and a great tradition for you to begin!

  2. A. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    B. Sweet bobblehead... and for an excellent cause. When McCovey passed away, everyone talked about how he gave back to the community. I learned a lot about the different tributes I heard on the radio about him.

    C. Is that a Lego AT&T Park in the background? If so... that's awesome!