Sunday, August 25, 2019

Some Funko Fun

I ran across a YouTube video recently that was sharing some new Funko Pops! and there was one that immediately popped out to me as something I needed for my collection.  If you aren't familiar with Funko Pops!, they are collectables of celebrities, pop culture stars, ad icons and movie/TV characters.  Of course my interest was grabbed when they started doing some sports stars.

As I was looking on Amazon for the Funko Pop! I wanted, I realized there were two I needed to pick up.  The list of MLB players released in later 2018 included Giants Catcher Buster Posey.  Not only was there a Buster Posey, there were two!  One in his home uni and one in his road jersey.  I ordered them both and got them in this week.

From the videos I have seen, the way to showcase Funko Pops! is to show all sides of the box.  Just like cards, condition matters when it comes to value.  One of my boxes arrived pretty tweaked but I am not too perturbed as I don't plan to resell it.  As of now I am storing them on a shelf in the boxes but maybe one day I will crack them and display them out of box.

Here is a all sides (minus the bottom) of both Pops!

Anyone out there have any Funko Pops! in their collection?  I have thought about picking up some of the rock stars they have as well.  If you could get a Funko of a non-sports figure, who might you get?


  1. What a coincidence..I just posted a non-sports Funko Pop figure on my blog today.

  2. I bought two of Johnny Manziel, one to open, one to keep in box.

    There are Baker Mayfield and Jim Brown ones for me to try and find for my Browns.

  3. I have received a few as gifts, but I dare not buy one for for myself as that way lies madness.

  4. The Funko concept is lost on me.

  5. I have probably thirty of them... although I don't really go out of my way to buy them anymore. My buddy hooked me up with the Thumper (A's mascot) Pop. That's my most recent addition. I noticed Khris Davis is on the checklist. If I saw him for $5 or less at the flea market, I might pick him up and display it in my classroom.

    As for non-sports figure... I'd love to see them make a set of Beastie Boys Pops.