Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club Box Break

Last trip into my LCS I was looking to open up a few packs of 2014 Donruss to check them out but unfortunately he was out.  I have way too many dups of 2014 Topps sitting around (if you need base I am your man - drop me a note) so I was looking for something else to tame my pack busting urge.  I saw a box of 2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club on the top shelf for $25. It was a product I never busted and short of a couple Giants base cards and a few inserts I didn't know much about it.  When the LCS owner dropped the box to $20 I decided to bust it.

I was able to put together the complete 90 card base set minus 3 cards.  All the cards feature hitters (hence the Hitter's Club name) so for your pitcher fans you won't get much out of the is product.  The first 50 cards are the base cards of the stars of 2000.  Card numbers 51-72 are the members of the 3000 hit club in a subset called why3k?  Cards, 73-89 make up the Hitting the Show subset which features young players. The final card, #90, is a checklist featuring Ken Griffey Jr.  I thought I would share all the base cards I pulled, minus a few dups, in order from 1-90. This is a set I wasn't too familiar with so I thought you might like to see all the cards.

 I also scanned the backs of each of the 3 types of cards:

The base cards are pretty cool with lifetime stats and a picture in the background.  The why3k? card has a more vibrant photo and lists the top 3 years of the featured player.  the Hitting the Show cards are probably my least favorite backs but they still aren't bad.

Anyone remember these?  They were inserted in all 2000 Upper Deck baseball products, one per pack.  I got 9 different varieties.  Could you imagining any one of these prizes???

Now for the inserts:
 I got 8 different Epic Performances inserts, the backs provide a small write up of a major feat or milestone the player reached.  Oddly card number was not produced.

 These are the more rare inserts.  I pulled 2 of the Accolades, 1 On Target and 1 Eternals.  I really like all 3 designs and the player selection is strong outside of the On Target card.

The final 5 inserts are the dual player Generations inserts.  I pulled half the set and love the pairing of the current player and the legends on a couple of these.

I have decided to go after the 3 base cards I need along with all the insert sets.  They may be tough to come by but it will be a fun set collection goal and some cards I can look to pick up when some extra Sportlots credit presents itself. I have the want list on my Set Want List tab but figured I would share it here as well. As always, if you can help, drop me a line.

26    Alex Rodriguez
38    Rafael Palmeiro
56    Roberto Clemente W3K

Generations of Excellence
GE1    Ripken/Murray
GE3    Brett/Yount
GE4    Bonds/Mays
GE5    Chipper/Aaron
GE6    McGwire/Sosa

Epic Performances
EP5    Carl Yastrzemski
EP10    Hank Aaron

A1    Robin Yount
A3    Sammy Sosa
A4    Mike PIazza
A5    Cal Ripken
A6    Mark McGwire
A8    Wade Boggs
A9    Ken Griffey Jr.
A10    Willie Mays

E1    Cal Ripken
E2    Mark McGwire
E3    Ken Griffey Jr.
E4    Nomar Garciaparra
E5    Tony Gwynn
E6    Derek Jeter
E8    Mike Piazza
E9    Alex Rodriguez
E10    Barry Bonds

On Target
OT1    Nomar Garciaparra
OT3    Alex Rodriguez
OT4    Troy Glaus
OT5    Ivan Rodriguez
OT6    Chipper Jones
OT7    Manny Ramirez
OT8    Derek Jeter
OT9    Vladimir Guerrero
OT10    Scott Rolen


  1. What an attractive set. I need to get to my LCS more often.

  2. This set sort of reminds me of Ionix... both implementing a "computer" theme. I probably wouldn't have chased this set back in the day... but for $20, there's no way I'd pass on that opportunity. The entertainment factor alone was worth the money. I wish my LCS had deals like that.