Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Love PWEs

Back in the days when I spent most of my hobby time on Sports Card Forums, the thought of sending cards in a PWE was frowned upon by most.  In trades with just a few cards I always gave it a try but there were few takers.  Over the last several months in the blogging community, the usage of PWEs has taken off.  I have sent some out as surprises, received them as surprises and made trades via PWE.  The only down side is that the trade posts seem to stack up.  I am decided to celebrate the PWE and get a little more caught up while I am at it tonight.  Here are the goods from a number of PWEs I have received over the last few months.

First up are some cards from Brian at 30-year Cardboard:

 These cards and stickers helped me in my quest to build the 2013 Archives set and inserts.  All 3 of these stickers feature cards of players I also collect (Parker, McCovey, Henderson) so I had to pick up more than one copy.

Next are some cards from The Diamond King:
 The highlight was the is white border parallel of Marco Scuatro.  I am hoping Marco gets healthy soon, the Giants need him in the lineup.

 I also got these additional cards in the PWE, all great cards with my favorite being the Gold parallel Archives card.

Here is a quad of cards from Cards from the Quarry, a NL West Rival focused blog:

 Great stuff, I really needed that Votto for my 1989 Die Cut set.  If you have some extras lying around, check my want list and let's make a deal.

This was a 1 card PWE from This Way to the Clubhouse:
 What a great 1 card PWE it was!  I love these black border Giants parallels, the colors work!

A quad of cards from Nachos Grande:

I love me some parallels but man that Posey is sweet.  I recall a write up about the person that makes these but I couldn't find it.  I can tell you that this is one great customer card.

All Trade Bait, All the Time reached out to me to see if I was interested in an upgrade to my Claude Osteen for my 1968 Topps Game set so I sent him my slightly more worn one and some cards and got these in return:

Always enjoy some misc Giants...
 And here is the updade Osteen - just have 3 of the more challenging cards to go for that set.

My first Camo card of 2014 came via PWE from Scott Crawford on Cards!
 I have heard mixed reviews on the Camo parallels, I personally like them quite a bit.

Frequent PWE bomber 2 by 3 Heroes hit me up with this card.
 While this is only a base card, it is numbered to 125.  I made some early bids on the Giants from this set and they all went for more than I wanted to pay.  They are nice looking cards with good card stock.

The final cards are from former blogger The Adventures of Napkin Doon.  I always enjoyed his posts and wish him the best moving forward.  My favorites were his sharing of the adventures at his LCS Cleeves.

 It started off with a couple nice shiny cards...
and ended with this awesome blue bordered Heritage Buster Posey!

Thanks to everyone for keeping the PWE alive and thanks for all the great cards!!!

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