Friday, March 21, 2014

A Fun Vida Blue Oddball Pick Up

I am slowly but surely knocking off some of my Vida Blue needs issued during his career since I kick started my collection of his cards.  I was recently able to pick up this cool oddball item from a seller on eBay.

 This is a 7-11 Slurpee cup from 1982.  It is just under 5 inches tall and I picked it up for $2 plus $3.40 shipping - not too bad.

The picture on the side is obviously a picture of Vida in his Giants uniform with the SF on his hat airbrushed out.  By 1982 he had joined the Royals so I am not sure if all of the cups were airbrushed or just Vida's.

I like the cartoon of a pitcher on one side, it looks a little like Vida.

Finally the write up.  No mention of his time with the Giants which is kind of a bummer, it sounds like he went straight from the A's to the Royals in a trade.  The reference to him batting "both" reminds me of a trivia questions when I was younger - "Who was the last AL MVP winner who was a switch hitter?".  I think he is still the answer to that question - use it to stump your friends.  Even though he is listed as a Royal, I think this cup may find a place on one of my Giants shelves.


  1. Nice pickup. Weird dimensions from the camera angle makes it look much wider at the top than the rest of the cup, unless that was the 1982 style? I just recall the early to mid 70s cups from "Thank Heaven for 7-11 Baseball Trading Cups" as the jingle used to go.