Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trade Post - Baseball Dad

I was reading a few blogs and shuffling some cards on my desk trying to generate some ideas for what I would like to post today.  It has been a rainy weekend in So Cal and I am getting cabin fever, the kids are driving my nuts and I am looking forward to escaping to work tomorrow morning.

I recalled that I got a nice package from Baseball Dad around the first of the year so I did a quick search and ran across a post from Jack from about a month ago, his only one of the new year.  I definitely know what it is like to get busy and take some time off but I am hoping to see him post a little more frequently, his blog is always enjoyable. 

Here are the goods that I received:

This is the card that started it all.  At the time I claimed this, I needed this card for the set I was working on.  I picked up another copy but my son saw this and instantly claimed it for his collection. We had just watched a special on MLB Network that featured Wade so it was perfect timing. As you can see from the note, he also included some Giants!

 Here are a bunch of 2013 Topps Chrome cards.  I really appreciated getting this as I bought very few of these cards and have lots of holes in my Giants collection.  After 2 years of going after just about every parallel I could find, my energy to go after this set wasn't there.  I am hoping to do a better job in 2014 and appreciate this help with the base cards and a couple parallels.

Finally, I scored 2 Giants stickers from the teams of my youth.  I recognized that I am missing a ton of stickers from the 80s and early 90s, may need to be a future target to go after.

Thanks Jack for the card package, I really appreciate it.  Hope to be seeing more of you in blog land soon!


  1. Jeffrey Leonard: the owner of one of my favorite nicknames in baseball and the owner of one of my favorite home run trots: there was nothing like seeing Old Penitentiary Face trotting around the bases with "One Flap Down"!

  2. What !!?? According to my PO receipts, I mailed that on June 24, 2013 !!!
    Well, I'm glad you received it !!