Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trade Post - It's Like Having My Own Card Shop

I have another great trade to showcase, this time it was a trade with Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  The trade started with Daniel offering some help for my 2013 Topps Chrome Update set and as usual the trade expanded beyond its origins.  Here are the goods:

 Here are the 4 Chrome Update cards that I got towards my now completed set.  I scored 3 rookies out of the 4 cards which was very nice.  Liriano is a guy I like, the Giants gave him away years ago and he was on my fantasy team for a couple years.  He looks odd in a Pirates uniform but I do like the overall look of the card.

Daniel included a nice stack of Giants and here are some of my favorites.  The Aurilia in the upper left is a glossy parallel serial numbered to 200, my first glossy from the set.  I am slowly inching my way to the black parallel set from Upper Deck's OPC release.  The blue UD Spectrum card is the first card I have seen of that color, it doesn't fit with the Giants colors but it looks decent.  The Bronze 206 Sanchez parallel leaves me 3 cards from that parallel team set.  The parallels to the flagship sets are always welcome.  The SPx card of Giant short timer Kenny Lofton features a cool picture and finished that team set.  I love the Alou Studio Stars insert, it is almost the feel of a credit card and looks real nice.  The nice mini from the first Topps set of Gypsy Queen brought me closer to that team set, I still need 7 but 6 of them are SPs.  Finally I scored 2 of the 3 1992 Donruss Cracker Jack cards - just need Will the Thrill to finish it off.

Daniel, thanks for the great trade.  The set help and hitting on so many parts of my Giants collection is greatly appreciated!

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