Friday, March 21, 2014

I Need Some 1970 Topps Set Help

One of my goals this year is to get my 1970 Topps want list down to 50 or fewer cards. As I attempt to work on this set, I am realizing that this quest may be much tougher than I expected.  This week I was able to pick up 7 new cards for my set, all high numbers, take a look:

Speaking of high numbers, that is where my problem comes into play.  With these cards I now have 616 of the 720 cards in the set.  That means I need to pick up 54 cards to reach my goal and almost all of them are high numbers.  The non-high numbers include Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron and the Thurman Munson rookie.  Ouch!

I know there are quite a few bloggers and readers out there that have worked on vintage sets.  Ideally I would love to trade for the cards I need (see my want list) but the help I am looking for is a lead to somewhere that doesn't charge an arm and a leg (or $8-$10/card) for a higher number 1970 Topps card.  I have checked eBay, Beckett, COMC and a couple other smaller sites and can't seem to find too many.  I did get lucky on the auction for the 7 cards above, finding a pick from this list of cards auction for 80 cents apiece.

Any help would be appreciated and wish me some luck!

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  1. Could try their prices seem to be good