Thursday, March 6, 2014

I can't believe what I am about to do...

Over a year ago, a guy named John reached out to me and was interested in one of my cards.  Back when I spent lots of time on Sports Card Forum I had all my hits (autos and relics) from my player collections scanned and showcased on Photobucket. John saw a scan of one of my cards that he needed to finish a pretty challenging set.  He said that until he saw my scan he wasn't even sure it existed.

Over the past several months John has reached out and pinged me to see if I was ready to part with it.  Over this time he picked up 3 different cards that definitely interest me.  I kept telling him that I appreciated the offer, wanted to help him out but this one was of my favorite cards in my collection and I just couldn't part with it.

Tonight I had a weak moment and emailed him with an offer to trade the card to him for 2 of the 3 cards he had picked up.  I have yet to hear back from him.  If the trade goes through I will post the 2 cards and you can tell me what you think of the deal.  In the meantime, here is the card I offered up for trade:

This card comes from 2005 Ultimate and celebrates Willie McCovey as one of the best player of the 1970s.  I love the design, the colors, the picture of Willie in the Giants uniforms I remember as a kid.  If you didn't notice, the card numbering on the left side is 04/10.  Only 10 of these exist and John hasn't seen another.  As a player collector it is proving challenging to part with a card that I really enjoy and is a key part of my collection that I suspect I will never pick up another for my collection. 

There is a part of me that is excited about acquiring the 2 cards I have been offered but also a part of me that hopes he turns down the offer.  I will keep you posted.


  1. OH man that is one sweet card and it's ON-Card. I feel you pain.

  2. Those other two cards better be good.

    1. PATP took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Seriously, hope you're selling high and making out well.

  4. If you are getting two Bip Roberts for that card, you are getting the far better end of the deal.


  5. It would be tough for me to give up a great card such as that Adam, so I feel your pain.

  6. That would be like me giving up a Jim Rice auto (with him pictured in his '78 Sox uniform), so it would have to be something REALLY good.

  7. I have a good number of cards from that set but I don't think I've ever even seen the McCovey.