Monday, March 17, 2014

Trade Post - GCRL

I have gotten quite a few packages and PWEs from fellow bloggers recently and I am falling behind on my posting.  This post is particularly sad because I have my last trade with this blogger sitting in my scan bucket so tonight you get a 2 for 1 trade post.  These cards were courtesy of Jim over at the Dodger centric GCRL blog (see us Giants fans can get along with the boys in blue).

Here are the goods for the first trade I received a couple months back:
 Here is a nice quad of Giants I needed from 2013 releases.  The Zito is particularly sweet, these purple framed Opening Day cards are hard to come by.  I don't suspect that Toys R Us sold that many Opening Day cards and these are 1 per jumbo pack.

 Some more Giants, these are of the shiny variety.  I have big hopes for Crick and getting his green parallel is a great addition to my collection.

Finally, Jim included this Fleer Sticker wrapper featuring my favorite player of all time, Willie McCovey  I had one of these but it had a rip in it so I am glad for the upgrade.

This package came in the last week or two:

 It started with 9 random Giants. I had both the McCoveys but lately any duplicate Willie Macs have been going into my Giants binder.  Quite a few Chrome cards and a sweet Sportsflic card are greatly appreciated.
The highlight of package number 2 is this great Purple bordered Melky Cabrera numbered 021/199. Yeah he is a cheater and he left the Giants somewhat high and dry with a suspension but nothing a World Series title can't cure.  He's a Giant and I want everything Giants.

Jim, thanks for the great cards. Don't worry, I have plenty of Dodgers to send your way.  I am hoping to have a return package out this week.

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