Monday, March 10, 2014

McCovey Monday #43 - 2014 Topps Tribute Tribute to the Throne Relic /99

My favorite player of all time is Hall of Famer Willie McCovey.  I have amassed a collection of over 1100 different  McCovey cards since I started collecting him in the late 1980s.  I will show off one of my favorite cards every Monday.  Stretch was one of the most feared hitters of all time and I am excited to show off my collection.

When I saw the checklist for 2014 Topps Tribute I had some mixed feelings.  I was really bummed out that Willie McCovey wasn't in the base set, I always like trying to track down the base and a couple parallels.  When I saw the Auto and Relic checklist my first thought was dang, my guy isn't getting the respect he deserves.  Next I thought, well my checklist and want list will be a lot shorter this year.

In the end Willie only got a card in one relic subset with a few parallels.  I was able to pick one up on eBay at a pretty reasonable price.  Check it out:

This is the version serial numbered to 99, the most plentiful version.  Decent design, I like the fact it is a bat card.  Can't say either of the two photos are new - in fact they are two of the more used ones out there but I am pretty happy to have this card in my collection.  Next up will be tracking down one or two of the parallels if possible, they are /50, /35, /25, /15 and /10 in different colors.  I am sure there is a 1/1 as well but those don't make it onto my checklist as the odds of scoring it are somewhere between slim and none.

Wait a minute, what is this???

Did I upload 2 copies of the same picture?  Nope, check out the numbering, 2 different cards.  I ended up with 2 copies.  I had bid on one and gotten outbid.  When I got the email showing I had been outbid, I found another and put a bid in.  Several hours later I was advised there was a bid retraction and I was now the high bidder for the first.  As luck would have it, I won them both.

I am not certain what I will do with this card, I have a few options.  1) I could trade it to one of you if you have a nice HOF relic you want to swap, 2) I could give it to one of my boys for their collection, 3) I could put one in the McCovey binder and the other in the 2014 Giants binder and I am sure there are  couple other things.  Time will have to tell, for now I think option 3 will be the choice.

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  1. I saw Stretch hit one out at Wrigley in the early 70's. I may have the scorecard somewhere. It is a nice card.