Sunday, April 24, 2016

An Update - #Supertraders Please Take a Look

Hello to all my collecting friends, this is ARPSmith here.  Still alive and well.  Read a couple blogs recently that referenced me as the primary Giants collector and also as MIA. I also noticed it has been 2 months since I posted on my blog so I thought I would give an update on where I am at with my relocation/move and also a quick collecting update.

As a reminder, I am moving from Southern California to the Kansas City, Kansas area for a new job opportunity.  I started my new job on 2/22 but my family is staying in CA to finish up the school year.  We found a great house in Overland Park, KS and we close on 5/25.  School ends here on 6/9 so we will start the 1600 mile trek on 6/11 or 6/12.  We plan to see some sites on the way so I expect we will end up in Kansas somewhere around 6/18-6/20.  I have been going back and forth to work in my new office spending about 2 of every 3 weeks in KS so my time in CA is limited. 

I packed up all my cards to help streamline the move so I don't have access to my cards.  I kept one box open for any new acquisitions.  I haven't had too much time to seek out Giants singles on the new products so I will play some catch up when I get to Kansas.  I have kept doing some shopping on eBay and have been able to pick up some nice cards that I will eventually share.

Special Note to #Supertrader friends
I have been impressed and excited by some of the great cards (and volume of cards) that have headed my way since we started the Supertrader list.  I am keeping these cards separate until after the move so I can adequately thank all of you.  I also have plans to return the favor over the summer, thinking of doing something like 5 packages a week once I get my cards unloaded and sorted.  I wanted to ask those of you that are sending out packages to hold off on sending any my way until I announce my new address.  My packing date for the movers is about a month away and with the slowness of the USPS these days I don't want to be in a situation where I miss your cards and I am not sure how forwarding of packages works.

Followers of this blog may recall that I set a goal to get 1 T206 card per month and I am trying to maintain that during my transition.  Prior to boxing everything up, I did take a scan of my March pick up.  Can't have a post without a card, right?

This is obviously another graded card and it is actually my second of three Mike Donlin T206 cards - the seated version.  Donlin was also the subject in my January T206 post, that card was the fielding pose.  I will eventually finish up the trifecta with the Bat version.  As you can see this is a PSA 2 and looks really nice (sorry for the blurry scan, the card is quite crisp in person).  Like the other card I picked up with this one it is listed as a miss cut. Again it has to be top to bottom centering as the size of the card is appropriate.

With this card I am up to 7 T206 cards in my collection.  If I keep with my goal I will be in double digits by mid year!

Looking forward to be back engaged in our blogging community this summer.