Saturday, December 29, 2018

Contest Results

Time to announce winners for my contest.  Of the 4 contests, there were only correct selections for 2 of them - #3 & #4.  I decided to randomize those that entered contests #1 and #2 and didn't already win to award the prizes.  I will share the results in reverse order since the last 2 had outright winners.

Contest 4 - I asked which brand of cards represented the most Giants pick ups in this COMC order and Matt of Diamond Jesters was the only one to correctly guess Topps Chrome.  His guess of 12 new cards was well under the actual 65 cards I picked up but the number was the tiebreaker.  Matt wins #4 outright.  He will have his choice of one of the sets I have available - congrats Matt.

Here are all the Chrome goodies I picked up:

Contest 3 - I picked up over 100 USC Trojan football cards in this haul but the contest was only to guess the number of hits.  With 38 autos and 1 relic the right answer was 39.  Two commenters picked 40 so the winner is Trevor P of the Bump and Run Football Card Blog who was the first to pick 40.  Trevor gets 25 random hits, I said in the contest I would let you pick football or baseball.  A mix of both is perfectly acceptable as well so drop me a note Trevor.

Here are the Trojan hits:

Contest 2 - This one was to pick the player collection I added the most cards to in this package. As mentioned, nobody picked the right guy, Chris Webber.  I picked up 18 of Webber's cards.  Webber played 7 seasons for my Sacramento Kings so I decided to random the list of entries 7 times and the winner is bbcardz of Stadium Fantasium.  He has a Rose Bowl contest up on his blog right now you should check out before 1/1/19.  He too will get a pick from a list of sets I have available.

Here is a quick look at the new Webber cards:

Contest 1 - The set I picked up the most cards from in this COMC purchase was 1960 Fleer, I picked up 17 new cards for the set.  Nobody correctly guessed 1960 Fleer.  There were 9 entries for contest 1 that didn't win contests 3 or 4 so I randomized those as well. I decided on 4 times in honor of my favorite number (and Willie McCovey's jersey number) 44.  The winner is Josh D of Royals and Randoms and he wins the extra 1960 Fleer cards I picked up in this package.  There are 7 cards total with one duplicate but I will also include some Royals cards as well as a return for a great package I recently received from Josh.

Here are the non-duplicate cards I picked up for this set:

Congratulations to all the winners!  For the set winners, drop me an email at arpsmith at aol dot com for a list of the sets I have available.  Trevor shoot me a note about which sport.  Josh, I think I have you covered from an address perspective but I will need a few days to put the rest of your package together.  Thanks for playing.