Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Secret Santa Goods

My blogging has fallen by the wayside but I felt the need to dust off the keyboard and share the great goods I got in the Secret Santa gift exchange.

This year the person I got to send to was a neighbor to the north and I dropped off a small package a couple days ago - the $10 international shipping hurt a bit but it is the giving season.  I found a couple cards off his most wanted list and assuming it was up to date I hope they make him happy.

Coincidentally, my Secret Santa was a different collector from Canada as well.  When I saw the return address I was hoping to see some OPC cards and the package didn't disappoint.

First, a non OPC card for the Giants collection:

I was really glad to get this Longoria, I didn't have the wood parallels even on my want list, this was a need and I was able to add the other Giants from the set. 

Next up were some cards I was excited to see:

 Three 1970s Giants and based on the rough cut on the left side of the Moffitt I was optimistic these were OPC cards as that cut is quite common with these cards.

When I flipped the cards over I was 66% happy, the Barr is a Topps card but the Moffitt and Falcone are OPC needs.  I went through a short stretch where I was trying to knock off some OPC Giants wants off the list and these cards got me thinking of making that a focus in 2020.

While these cards were great, there was one more card that was clearly the highlight of the package. 

A 1973 Reggie Jackson and from those rough cut edges I could tell...

another OPC card!  This was a definite need for the Reggie collection and a card I am super excited about.  Interestingly when I was looking at my want list and removing this card I noticed that my list said I still needed a copy of the regular Topps card.  I pulled out a box of 70s star cards and had a copy so I was able to mark off 2 cards.

So my Secret Santa left a business card in the package but I don't want to share that as it has some personal info but it I was lucky enough to get Kari.  Kari doesn't appear to have a blog but does have an account on the Trading Card Data Base under the ID of karsal.

Thank you Kari for the great gift!