Saturday, December 22, 2018

I Found a Local Card Show!

A co-worker whose husband just got back to card collecting told me about a small local card show her husband stumbled across and I got a chance to attend a little while back.  This was my first card show since the National Card Convention in Anaheim, CA  way back in 2006, that's right over 12 years ago.  I was excited but guardedly as I didn't want to expect too much.

The show ended up having 12-15 sellers, most with more than one table.  There was quite a bit of local KC stuff - Royals and Chiefs - both cards and memorabilia.  One guy had tons of autographed 8X10s, balls and bats.  Another guy had primarily autographed jerseys.  One guy had quite a few unopened hobby boxes and blasters. The rest had cards.  There were a few dime, quarter and dollar boxes.  There were also a few binders with cards.  The rest were single in display cases and boxes.

I was really hoping to track down a ton of 1972 Topps high numbers on the cheap but that didn't come close to happening.  I did however have tons of fun and get some cards that fit nicely into my collection.

I will start by sharing some Giants I picked up in various dollar, quarter and dollar bins?

My favorites are here are the Vogelsong numbered rookie parallel /290 and the John McGraw Cooperstown card.  I remember when the Panini Cooperstown product came out they replaced a promised hit with these wood-like cards.  They weren't very popular and definitely not an equal swap but I was glad to pick up this one.

 More Giants, the purple Panda is pretty awesome.  It was also cool to get the Buster and Lincecum cards in their college unis. One of the Buster's is pretty thick.

A few more cheap Giants, pretty happy to track down the Herbel buy-back.

I also found a few Trojan cards as well.  Pretty cool to get premium Carson Palmer numbered base cards for a quarter.  Also nice to find a new Tony Boselli card, I have a pretty high percentage of his cards.

I also picked up some cards for my Reggie collection.  I think a couple ended up being dups but some nice looking cards of Mr. October.

I found some Rickey Henderson cards I needed and a Dave Winfield relic, all great pick ups!

There was a guy with a ton of relics and autos and I spent a while going through them.  They didn't have prices and I was a little worried despite his assurances that I would be happy with what he quoted me.  I pulled out quite a few cards and I don't recall the exact price but I didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

The first 3 scans are the Giant I found:

Love the Cain gold Finest!

Two Matt Williams from two different products with the same photo.

There are basically For the F of it cards, I have thought about starting a Foster collection and Affetdt was a huge part of the Giants championship bullpens.

Another cards just for fun, I am not a Zito collector unless he is in a Giants uniform but these were nice and cheap.

My final pick ups were some cards for my 1960 Fleer set build.  The condition isn't amazing but I got a good deal and it is a 68 year old vintage set.

That's it for the card show haul, it was fun to be back at a show for the first time in over a decade.  I am seriously contemplating a trip to the National in Chicago this year.  Maybe I can track down some of the 1972s there.

If you are interested, jump into my contest on this post, giving a way a few different things:


  1. How much was the 2000 SPX Barry Zito - that may have his best card at one time.

    1. It was tossed in with most of the hits for about $40-50 total

  2. Nothing's better than finding a good show to go to. Nice haul! I think my favorites are the '60 Fleers but you got a lot to enjoy.

  3. Congrats on finding a card show in your area! Very nice pickups! I was also at the National in Anaheim in 2006. Good times...

  4. Matt Williams has a nice signature. Nice haul!

  5. Wow. Some really nice pickups! Nice Rickey jersey... and Zito signatures.