Thursday, December 27, 2018

Secret Santa Gift

Reminder, I have a contest open. Hoping for some more entries before I close it down.  Check it out here.

I was lucky enough to pull Paul from Scribbled Ink as my Secret Santa.  Paul shot me over a nice package of cards that fit nicely right into my collection:

First up some Giants:

Some good stuff with lots of shiny.  My favorite is the gold JT Snow Pinnacle parallel, he is my first Giants from this parallel set and I may have to seek out the rest.

More Giants here and some good ones. I love seeing the Big Unit in his Giants uni and who doesn't love a cardboard representation of a pending Buster Hug.

These Diamond Kings cards from this year's set finished all but one of the non-SP cards I need for my set.  If you cracked a few packs of this (or more) check out my SP want list.  These have proven tough to track down at a reasonable price.

I recently put up a want list for 1990 Fleer inserts.  I ran across a few while going through the large collection I bought and they brought back some nice memories.  I decided to try and complete the insert sets and Paul noticed the want list and helped me out with a couple of League Standouts.

Paul also included a couple unopened rack packs.  The 1990 Fleer rack pack has a HOFer and Giant on the top.  Haven't opened these yet and will save for a rainy day.

Great stuff, right?  I saved the highlight of the package for the end:

Paul went deep into the want list and knocked off 5 cards from my 1937 Wonderful Railway Travel set.  This is a set the same size as T206 cards and Ginter minis and showcases railways all over the world.  I love the colors and design of these cards and with these 5, I am down to a want list of 11 cards of the 50 card set.

Paul, thank you for the great package, I really appreciate it!


  1. I have a few cards from that Railway set, probably won't try to complete it, but it really is a wonderful set.

    Great package from Paul!

  2. Those Churchman's Railway cards are awesome! That Langwies Viaduct seems so ahead of its time.