Saturday, September 1, 2012

Contest Time!!!

I decided to have a second contest to celebrate a couple milestones for this blog.  This is post #100 and I am about to hit 5000 page views.  Not huge milestones compared to some of you but realistically I have gotten farther than I ever thought I would.

I had a few goals that I never really publicized when I started this blog:
  1. Grow my card collection - particularly my Giants
  2. Add a new dimension to my hobby and spend more time enjoying my cards versus doing things like watching TV or movies
  3. Be the go to person in the blogging community whenever someone pulls a good Giant
I can certainly say that #1 and #2 have been accomplished and I think I am gaining ground on #3.  Another added benefit has been getting help finishing the sets that I build.  I have made some amazing trades to knock big chunks off my set want lists and this has helped me devote my monthly budget towards more Giants cards :-)

So I guess this contest is a reward for the enjoyment the blogging community has provided me and allowed me to enjoy this hobby I have been partaking in for the last 33 years.

I want to keep is fairly simple so here are the rules:
  1. To enter you have to be a follower of the blog.
  2. Leave a comment telling me which two remaining teams in the playoff hunt you think have the best chance of winning it all this year and why.  This will get you one entry.
  3. If you plug the contest in your blog and link it in the comments, I will give you another entry.  This is really my desire to help me out on goal #3 above.
  4. I will random the list of entries 3 times to determine the winner
  5. The contest will remain open until sometime next weekend.
I was trying to decide what kind of loot to give away and I have decided that I need to clear a little space.  So the prize will be packed flat rate box of cards.  I will include some starter sets where I have a lot of duplicates, some duplicate vintage I have picked up and some cards from the team of the winners choice.

So here are the goods all going to the winner:
  • Starter set of 2011 Topps Series 1 - about 300 different
  • Starter set of 2011 Topps Series 2 - about 225 different
  • Starter set of 2008 Upper Deck - about 425 different
  • Starter set of 2010 Topps Update - about 250 different
  • Starter set of 1990 Swell Baseball Greats - 88 different

Here are two pictures of the stacks of cards:

Here are the vintage I will give away in addition to the starter sets:

A decent variety and teams, tried not to make it too Giant heavy, but free vintage is free vintage.  If there is more room in the box, I will add cards to fill it.

So thanks for all the support through my first 100 posts. Enter the contest and win some free cards!


  1. The nationals and the rangers because it is destiny for washington's current team to play the team that left Washington 40 years ago.

  2. Yankees vs Nats!

    Plugged here:

  3. how can you tell a team collector? He's the guy who enters a contest just for the chance to win the Felix Milan All Star card.

    Rangers and Braves. Texas has the hitting, plus they feel like there's unfinished business to take care of. Braves have the best pitching anywhere... if any of their thousand injuries can get healthy, they'll go on a run.

  4. The Rangers are very much stacked.
    I'd also throw out a vote for the Yankees, as they have depth.

  5. I promoted your contest on my blog:

  6. The Braves because they will always be my favorite team.
    The Nationals because they have shown extreme courage and strength during the whole season.

  7. Promoted the contest on Chuck's Corner:

  8. I'm here because I never knew Billy Loes pitched for the Giants. Whaaaaaaaa?

    1. Rangers
    2. Nationals, just so the national media can torture everyone by talking non-stop about Strasburg, Strasburg, Strasburg

  9. Reds and Rangers and I've followed for a while.

  10. I'll say the Nationals and White Sox. I think the Nats will ultimately win it all, their pitching staff is just too good right now.

  11. I say the Nats if they bring Strausburg back in the postseason and because they are getting some great pitching this year. The Cardinals because they are unexpected again like last year and because I can't get enough of my cards.

  12. Texas and Washington.

    Texas is just on a roll and Washington's time is now.

    Of course, I'm still rooting for the Tribe !!

    Contest promoted here!

  13. I'll say the Rangers and the Reds. Both teams seem to be on a role.

    Contest promo here...

  14. i'll go with the rangers and the braves. because chipper needs to lose one more world series before he retires.

  15. Im gonna say Reds and Athletics. The Nats have a great shot, but that Strausburg stuff has me worried. Ill be rooting for the Rangers, but I dont have a great feeling about them this year. The As are hot, and it would be cool to see them there at the end. The Reds pitching is a beast.

  16. Baltimore and the Reds
    Seems all year everyone has been waiting for the O's to tank, but they are still hanging in there.
    the Reds have history behind them..

  17. It's obviously the Brewers. Sure they're 16 out but there's still time..isn't there?

  18. Following....going for the Rangers and the Nats (can't believe I'm saying that).

  19. I'll say the Rangers because they lead the league in run differential, and the Cardinals because I have to believe in my hometown team, (and because Josh already said the Nats)

    Promoted it here:

    Thanks for the contest.

  20. I'm going to say Yanks and Braves.

    Yanks have been awful but are getting ARod, Teixeirz, Pettitte, and a few others back. I think the Braves are going to run down to Nats.

  21. Have to go with the Tigers, of course, and I'll give the Nationals some more support. Would love to see that final match up.

    I've been following for a while, and you're my go-to Giants guy; I just need to get some cards traveling your way.

  22. Going to say the Giants, because a) I am shameless and b) because no one else has as of yet. I mean, no disrespect to the Brewers, but COME ON. Also, the Orioles, because I am totally aware that we could (possibly) have a Beltway Battle World Series, which would be ***mind blowingly epic!!!***

    Following, plugged at top of me bloggie:

  23. I would say Nationals but everyone else already did. Instead I'm going Dodgers and A's.

  24. I thought I was already following, but I for-sure am now! Rangers and the Reds are gonna play in the World Series, and I think this is the year the Rangers win it all.


  25. Rangers and Nats for me! (Now the Jays aren't avaliable ;) ) Here's the link to my blog with the post, and best of luck to everyone!

  26. I am a Rockies fan (sorry team this year), I expect the Rangers and Giants to be in the World Series (Yes...even without Melk Man!) I am going to link you from my blog

    Thanks Jason

  27. Phillies (still time - if only we had a consistent bullpen) and the Rangers.

  28. I heard about this on Dawgbones blog. It's a great blog, you should check it out.

  29. I think the Rays, if they make the wild card, could be "the team no one wants to play." I also think the Reds and their bullpen are primed for October, plus they just got Votto back, who was only the MVP of the damn league 2 years ago. So it will be a very short named Rays-Reds series.

    1. Oh, and if I remember, I will plug this on my blog.

  30. Nice vintage there.

    I wish I could say the Yankees, because they are my team, but they are slumping and the Birds are turning it on. But even if the Yanks make, I don't think it's their year. So I'm going with the Rangers vs. the Nationals. Both teams have great records and seem to be entering the end of the season strong.