Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Group Break Goods - JABO

I am finally getting around to posting my goods from Kyle's Box Breaks #12 and #13 over at JABOs.  It has nothing to do with not getting some nice cards, just taking me a while to getting around to things these days.

Kyle had a nice assortment of cards in #13 break with boxes of 2004 Topps Pristine, 2004 SP Prospects, 2008 UD Spectrum and 2012 Gypsy Queen.  Break #12 was 2 boxes of 2012 Finest.

First up are my cards from the Finest break.  I got multiples of most of these base and also picked up this nice Posey green parallel.  No big hits for me but with only 4 total, that really wasn't to be expected.  This got me a good start on my Giants team set and a really nice refractor parallel of an MVP candidate.

In the Gypsy Queen break I got a lot of base cards for the Giants but I actually had them all already.  this is one of my favorite sets and I had already put it together.  However, I got 3 minis and I needed all 3.  This is the regular version of Bumgarner and two Juan Marichal parallels that I needed.  Was very happy to pick those up in this break.

In the Spectrum break, I got 2 of the 3 Giants in the set and they happened to be the two I needed!  Another team set down.  I got 2 Topps Pristine cards in that break with the Valdez being serial numbered to 999.  I had an auto of Aardsma from this set previously but these are my first two non-hit cards.  Kind of a unique design and I think they work.  Happy to get these.

 Here is another set that I didn't have any cards from.  Nice to pick up 5 Giants in the box.  This gets me more than half the team set but not sure if I am going to actively seek these out.  The design doesn't excite me nor does the player selection.  Odd having the Phillies jersey on the Giants card.  Glad to have picked these up for the Giants collection.

 Finally, since I didn't get a hit, I was in the random drawing for the USA Baseball relics and I was lucky enough to score this one from Joey Devine.  Love the patriotic theme for this card and what they did with the flag background.

Lastly, not part of this break but Kyle and I had a side trade and he included my end of the trade in this package.  I scored a Topps Race to 73 card of Barry Bonds.  There are actually 73 different versions of this card each featuring a different number.  I don't know if the number 73 is more rare or not but it is the best one to have in my book.  I had 3-4 other numbers but when Kyle reached out letting me know he had this for trade, I had to pounce.

Thanks for the great break and the trade Kyle!

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