Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Sets - Same Day

I was 12 years old during the release of the 1983 baseball sets and was in the sweet spot of my youth when it came to card collecting.  I was busy trying to put together all 3 sets (Topps, Fleer and Donruss) and get my hands on as many older cards as I could.  I remember one card in particular standing out that year and here it is:

I recall my best friend and I being so impressed that a big leaguer could get traded and on the same day travel to a new city and get a hit in both games.  It probably didn't hurt that he was signed by the Giants in the off season and was on the Giants during the 1983 season. Every time we heard his name on the radio, saw him on TV or he took the field during a game we attended, we would look at each other and say "Two Teams - Same Day".

 The card back shows a little more detail about the famous day:

A couple days ago I got two packages in the mail, both small Plain White Envelops which lately has been a fairly small mail day for me due to the trading generosity of my fellow bloggers :-).  When I opened them I saw that they were two small orders from Sportlots.  Each contained a few cards that I had order and amongst the cards were these:

Some nice cards, yes.  Two of the 3 are HOFers, the 3rd a promising young pitcher.  But the significance of these cards goes beyond that.  These were the final 3 cards to finish two sets - yes I completed "Two Sets - Same Day".  I hope that Mr. Youngblood is proud of my accomplishment.  I can't think of a day where I was able to delete two sheet out of my workbook, especially with sets that I collected all the inserts in addition to the base.

The completion of these sets has given me new motivation and inspiration to finish off some additional 2012 sets.  I suspect that Topps Update will be the last set I work on this year and the base will most likely be finished with the purchase of a Jumbo box so it will be only inserts for that set.  Although I saw that there will be gold parallels of all 3 series cards so there will be lots of Giants /2012 to track down.

Check out my Set Want List and let's make some trades.  I would much rather trade for the cards than have to reach out and buy them.  At the time of this post, here is a summary of what I am looking for, the details including card numbers on the link.

2012 Ginter - 1 Base card, 7 SPs, 45 What's in a Name inserts, 4 Sketches and 6 Historical Turning Points.

2012 Archives - 9 SPs (I am taking a stand and not counting the Bryce Harper card as part of the set), 1 Cloth Sticker, 2 Deckle Edge, 1 Sticker, 1 3-D, 14 Reprints and I may go after the In Actions and Combos if I can make some headway

2012 Chrome - 12 Base cards

2012 Topps Stickers - 30 Stickers

2012 Heritage - 22 SPs

2012 Opening Day - 3 Elite Skills inserts, 1 Fantasy Squad, 9 Mascots, and 7 Stars Inserts

It would be so cool to finish all of these sets by Year End and go into the new collecting season without a set to work on.  That would give me more time to focus on the blog and work out trades with everyone.  If you think you can help, even with one card, take a look at my list and let's deal. 

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  1. Congrats on completing the sets and I remember the Youngblood deal/card, too!

    I'm sure I've got some What's in a Name inserts for you, and I'll check out your Chrome list, too. As always, this'll be an excuse to get rid of some Giants, too.