Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trade Post - Lifetime Topps

Today I wanted to share a trade I made with Charlie over at Lifetime Topps Project.  It was our first trade and it was a great one.  I filled a bunch of his set needs and got a big stack of Giants and a couple set needs in return.

First up is some golden goodness:
I don't have too many of those 90s gold parallel cards so I was happy to pick these up.  The Royce Clayton Topps Embossed gold parallel is a pretty unique looking card, it was the first time I had seen one of these.   I am far from a Cubs fan but always enjoy seeing the ivy covered walls and this Willie McGee card doesn't disappoint.  I was lucky enough to see a game at Wrigley last year on a work trip to Chicago - you can feel the history ooze out of that place.

Next up are some Stadium Club Giants needs.  With these additions and some from a group break at Cardboard Connections, I am strongly considering an all out blitz to collect all the Giants from the Stadium Club releases.  I will probably limit it to base and inserts as I am not too excited about the first day parallels but we shall see.  A couple nice looking defensive plays by Royce and Barry captured in these cards.
If I decided to embark on my Stadium Club quest, I would bet Ultra won't be too far behind.  Again, not a huge fan of the Medallion parallels but the photography in Ultra is typically strong and they have a great assortment of insert cards.  Here are 4 that I needed that came over in this trade.

These are some miscellaneous Giants that I really liked.  I am a fan of all the different 3D cards that have been out over the years.  The Trevor Wilson Flair card is very pretty and the Fleer card finished my team set.  I just love the CLOBBERING on the Glenallen Hill card - the man could just crush the ball.  To me this is a perfect Darryl card, he appears to be moping in the dugout.  Darryl helped me recognize the strength of my passion for the Giants.  Attending a game shortly after Darryl joined the Giants I found myself standing with the crowd and shouting his name to encourage him (as I recall the bases were loaded in a tight game).  Darryl had been far from a favorite for me - in reality he was probably in my top 5 most hated players before he joined the Giants - but that all changed when he joined my team.

Here are a couple of set needs I picked up in this trade.  The Bautista is an SP and I still need a decent number to finish up this set - why do I torture myself in trying to build this set.  On the other hand, the Kiner card was one of the last 3 I need to finish this set in my epic Two Sets - Same Day event recently.
Finally the actually origin of the trade.  Charlie received a set of the Diamond Anniversary set and I was lucky enough to trade for the Giants set.  I share some of my favorite images that have been seen quite a bit.  While Pat the Bat won't be taking a victory lap and The Beard won't be notching the winning save, I am hoping my playoff bound Giants can create some additional memories and card awesomeness with a deep run in the playoffs this year.

Thanks Charlie for a great trade!

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